2013 Read-Along Begins: Bonhoeffer

Here we are already the third day into the new year. How fast time flies! To kick things off, here’s the first Read-Along. Allow me to just reiterate from my open invite on Dec. 12, 2012:

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas 

bonhoefer book cover

In the top ten of Barnes and Noble’s Best non-fiction books of 2010, and on New York Times Best-Seller list, this Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography intrigues me greatly. Author Metaxas’s title makes me want to know more about this legendary figure whose books I had read in my youth, but now think I don’t know him enough to fully appreciate his daring life, a man of faith and anti-Nazi in wartime Germany.

This slow reading plan gives you plenty of time so you can still pursue other books on your plate. I’ve roughly divided the biography in two parts, posting twice:

Chapters 1 – 18 (277 pages): to post on February 15

Chapters 19 – 31 (264 pages): to post on March 15


With Arti, it’s always a slow read. You still have time now to order your book if you haven’t got it. And for others, dust it off the shelf. We’re reading the first part, Chapters 1 – 18 in Jan/Feb and posting our thoughts on these chapters on Feb. 15

Some of you may not be bloggers, you’re most welcome to join in the reading. Come to any of our posts on Feb. 15 and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. As I always say, the pond is open for all to throw in a pebble or two, make some ripples.


As of today, those who are joining in this read-along are:

Shoreacres of The Task At Hand (and cousin 🙂 )

Shari Green

Alison of Chino House

And those who have shown interest and still deciding, hope they will hop on soon:


Jeanie of The Marmelade Gypsy

Hedda of Hedda’s Place

Ellen of The Happy Wonderer (reading already, hope she’ll join in the discussion)

If you’d like to read along with us, or join in any time later, just let me know in a comment and leave a link so I can add you on the list.


Before Feb. 15, you can always tweet me @Arti_Ripples or anyone of us who speaks in 140 characters.

Happy Reading!


COMING UP in March to May: Proust Read-Along

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16 thoughts on “2013 Read-Along Begins: Bonhoeffer”

    1. Alison,

      Great! Welcome! I’ll put your blog link on the list right away. Look forward to reading your post on the first part of the book on Feb. 15


  1. I ordered my copy yesterday, and got my shipping notice this morning, so I should have the book by Tuesday or so. My cousin’s on his own at this point – he’s been given all the info, links, and so on. We’ll see.

    But I’m in, and looking forward to it!


  2. Wow, Arti. You are beginning the new year with a most complex figure! I know nothing of Bonhoeffer’s life, but believe I should probably tackle his own writings first. Best of luck with the readalong; I will stop by to take notes!

    Hope this proves to be a most healthy happy and sane year for you and your CG!


    1. ds,

      Glad to have you stop by. Well this book has been on my shelf some months, just thought I should dust it off now. You’re most welcome to stop by the pond and view the ripples, or create some yourself. 😉 All the best in the new year, reading, writing, and with your dear ones, you own CG!


    1. Terri B.,

      Welcome! Glad to have you join us! I’m a slow reader, so this is a slow reading plan. Before our first post Feb. 15, we can always tweet about our reading. 😉


  3. I got the book from the library and have read the first nine chapter.It Is is very interesting. I do not usually read biographies, but I have been enthralled with Bonhoeffer and this period of history.


    1. Edwina,

      You’re most welcome to join us in our Read-Along, since you’re reading already. We all read the first 18 Chapters, then post our thoughts on Feb. 15. If you’re not a blogger, you can come back here to share your view in our posts and join in our discussions. Enjoy your read!


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