Day Trip to Cambridge


Trains leaving for Cambridge run frequently from King’s Cross Station in London. We bought tickets for after peak hour in the morning, more leisurely and cheaper price. We were in no hurry, and it was only an hour’s ride. But first, I was most impressed by the train station. I was there years ago for a trip to Cambridge also. But this time around, King’s Cross looks like a space station. What’s more, the old and the new co-exist comfortably :


More about the train stations tomorrow. But on this day Oct. 5, 2016, I was at Cambridge again.

When we got out of the train station in the university town, high winds greeted us, sending us to look for shelter in the Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing bus. Yup, what a convenient way to reach all the points of interest, and with commentary as well.

The following are some glimpses of Cambridge, this one taken from the open top bus as we passed by the Fitzwilliam Museum:


These were taken when we hopped off and took to the streets:

While all these views from the outside were free, they now charged entrance fee to go inside many of the buildings, even just walking into the courtyards and the greens. I remember years ago I could freely walk around. Also there are many more commercial establishments now, which is understandable, and in a way, good for us tourists, and I’m sure the people at the university too. There are many more selections to choose from when it’s time for lunch.

We walked along Bridge Street where there was a myriad of international cuisines, undecided for a while and eventually went into a little restaurant called Galleria.


They offered a 3-course lunch for £12.95  Not bad at all. The appetizer and main course were both delicious, but I was most happy with the dessert, a chocolate raspberry mouse, that’s the pyramid at the front in the following pic, my cousin had the apple pie. But I can tell you, mine was heavenly:


As we came out of the restaurant and crossed the street, we saw this beautiful view:



We spent the afternoon strolling along the streets:




and stayed a while in Waterstones, the four-floor bookshop. It’s been years since I set foot into a multi-storey bookshop with elevator. We used to have one in our city but it’s long gone out of business. Other than the books, I was attracted to these Penguin tote bags and the blackboard:



Soon it was time to head back to the train station. Hop on to the sightseeing bus once again and we were soon on the train back to London. The whole evening was still untapped.



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15 thoughts on “Day Trip to Cambridge”

  1. Oh, I love Cambridge, though my memories are dim, seeing it in 1973 with my mom. I remember the train ride most but we certainly didn’t leave from any station that looked like that! I’m not sure from where we departed but I would have remembered something so amazing. Your photos are terrific. Sad that they charge admission to so many spots now but it has become a destination. Always loved that bridge. My good china came from a store there called Gerrads. We never did the ride-about on the top of the bus. Should have — you got some great photos there and everywhere.

    And that lunch looks fabulous. What a creative way to present the mousse! Oh, I think you found a very good deal indeed there! So…. what’s up for the evening? More theatre? (I hope!)


    1. Jeanie,

      The King’s Cross Station was completely overhauled and redesigned for the Olympics in 2012, but the old features were kept while new ones, as you see here the amazing design were introduced, melding the old and the new in harmony. Here’s the Architect’s webpage here. Ingenious conception and planning and beautiful drawings and photos.

      Like you, I first visited Cambridge decades ago and then a few years back we visited it again with my son. But on that day it was pouring rain. This time the weather was great, except the wind, but good for photography. And lots more eateries and retailers. Maybe time to revisit for you. 🙂


  2. Dear and I had a day trip to Cambridge back in 2003. So worth the time. I’d love to go back. Lovely photos that you shared.


    1. Stefanie,

      I’m amazed at all the new renos … I think all for the 2012 Olympics. No, I didn’t buy any(more) books since I only have one carry-on luggage. I bought a book at Tate Modern’s bookshop, and a “Sight and Sound” mag. from the W. H. Smith at London Victoria Station.

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  3. Arti,

    Your photos of Cambridge are great, especially those shots of the canal, they call that ‘punting’, don’t they? I’ve been to London twice, but have never visited Cambridge, I’ve seen movies (no, not the Harry Potter series) filmed on location there – a recent one is The Man Who Knew Infinity. If I ever
    have the chance to visit England again, I would definetly plan an excursion to Cambridge, your post certainly made it extremely enticing, thank you!


  4. Dear Arti,

    I’ll be going to London during the Christmas holiday. Should I make a trip to Cambridge? Would everything be closed? And how long is the train ride from London to Cambridge? Thanks!


    1. You lucky one! Christmas in London sounds great. We took the train rom London King’s Cross Station to Cambridge, only 55 mins. Very convenient. Same as with Oxford which we didn’t go this time but years before our little family of 3 did. Also, if u have more time, u should head out to Bath and on the way there, Stonehenge. Bath is wonderful at Christmas time.


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