When human and bird collide

Spring is home construction season. The Ospreys are back and busy building their perennial home.

The Ospreys have the same address every year, that’s right on top of a highway sign. I don’t know why they like it up there above a busy highway while there are many trees close to a river nearby. No building permit required, so they are free to set up their family home and raise their young wherever they like.

This year is different. Some human have chosen that exact spot to work on something. Not sure what they’re planning for the site. A lift equipment is nearby and a little wooden triangular structure has been erected, right where the Ospreys are building their home.

So there are two different building plans on the same site, but the Ospreys are undeterred. They haul in material from nearby trees, transporting one twig at a time.

Here’s making the best of a precarious situation. When you have an unknown, triangular intrusion right by your home, might as well use it as a watch tower.

I don’t know how the story will unfold. I sure hope co-existence will be the happy ending.


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14 thoughts on “When human and bird collide”

  1. I wonder if the purpose of that triangular ‘thing’ is to deter the birds. Many marinas here put cone-shaped tops on the pilings to keep the birds from sitting on them. Of course the birds, being creative sorts, have found ways to get underneath the cones and build even better nests away from the elements. Nature will find a way!


    1. You could be right! I never thought of that. It’s not hard to find another spot with the river and plenty of trees nearby. On the other hand, there’s no harm with a nest being there. Anyway, we’ll see how this unfold.

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      1. The monk parakeets here build big communal nests in the arms of the huge power transmission towers. The nests are taken down once a year, but the people responsible wait until the babies have grown and flown.


        1. That’s very considerate of them. 🙂 There’s another Osprey family not far from where this one is, and theirs is right by the river on a tall tree. That’s an ideal place to relocate. But it’s all up to Mr. and Mrs. O here.

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  2. The building of their nests is such amazing architecture — and I pray that the Osprey’s work is not in vain. I hope the intrusion will not be too unsettling.


    1. The comment above by Shoreacres could well be the reason they build that intrusion. Hope things will turn out fine for the Ospreys.


  3. Birds seem to be pretty resilient. It seems they remember the exact spot they built nests in previously, too. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds…


      1. Oooh yes!!! If they are like the neighbor cats are to each other in our backyard, (we have no pets), the osprey will handle everything human as instrusions, I expect. Here is hoping their nesting season goes well!
        God bless, C-Marie

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