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Spent the past weekend in SF.  The whole Sunday evening was wasted in the airport, couldn’t see the SAG Awards, nor Masterpiece Theatre’s Mansfield Park.  But from what I’ve read in some of your blogs, I didn’t miss much on the PBS’s third installment of The Complete Jane Austen.

I did have an enjoyable time in SF.  For some reasons, maybe because of the rain, I found SF, some parts of it at least, to resemble Bath, England. I know, by rational thinking, the two places cannot be more different, historic Bath and modern day SF?  But here are some of the pictures of both places:

Gay Street Bath Gay Street, Bath

Union Street SF  Union Street, SF

The Guild Hall, Bath  Guild Hall, Bath

Union Street Bldg, SF Union St. Bldg., SF

The Empire, Bath The Empire, Bath


 Downtown Hotel, SF

Of course, there are sights and sounds that are uniquely SF:

Fisherman’s Wharf


 SF Streetcar

And UC Berkeley, in the rain:

UC Berkeley

Sproul Hall UC Berkeley

Broken Plates Wall