Saturday Snapshot October 6: Autumn Birdwatching

Taken two days ago while birdwatching in -5°C temp. That’s 23°F … Frozen flowers, leafless branches, but still bright and sunny Robin redbreast.


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42 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot October 6: Autumn Birdwatching”

  1. What marvelous photos! The robin is one of my favorites – their return in the spring always meant the season really had turned, and their flocking up in the fall before the migration was just delightful. I love their song.

    The ice? Hmmmmm….. I’ve got to make a run up to Kansas City and it occurs to me that sooner would be better than later. It feels like endless summer down here, but the rest of the world seems to be moving on!


    1. Linda,

      We have lots of Robin, so it’s easier to take a photo of any of them. I’m still trying to collect more species in my file photos. That was a cold day, but still bright and sunny. Wish you could enjoy more variation in climate. It’s lovely to see sometimes all four seasons in one day. 😉


  2. How bright and cheerful. I can always depend on the robin to show up and look splendid even on the coldest of mornings.

    We came within a degree of a frost last night and it’s supposed to be 32F/0C again tonight. I have an early morning bird walk scheduled Sunday so I’m prepared to freeze! Hopefully the birds will be hungry and moving about instead of hiding.


    1. You’re very close to us in terms of temp. then. But my photos were two days ago, today is much warmer. Now is 61F, but it’s considered warm here. We always have very bright sunshine.


    1. I had to walk 2 miles with the birding group, and nobody complained of the cold or of anything. So I bore it silently. 😉 Taking photos of flowers and birds sure could take my mind off the cold. And the walk was very scenic, but those photos didn’t turn out well unfortunately.


      1. Isn’t it amazing how our eyes can perceive beautiful scenes but our lenses can’t capture it? Sometimes it’s too much contrast and sometimes it’s too much leafy green. Glad you had such interesting subjects for photography!


  3. You are a dedicated bird watcher going out during freezing weather. Then come the robin and the impressionistic flowers that are worth the walk.


    1. Edgar,

      The birding group I was with (this my first season) said they went out in -20C temp. last winter. I’m the novice who, I’m afraid, might just stay indoor come Dec.


    1. Bev,

      Oh the flowers would be alright with the noon day sun melting the ice. I think they’d have another few weeks. Yes, it’s always sunny and bright here.


    1. LOL! Ok… have you heard of the city in Southern Alberta called Calgary? That’s in Canada… and no, I’m far from the Arctic. 🙂 Actually, it’s about 62F now, very sunny and bright. We’re having a marvellous fall. I’ll be heading out to the West Coast next week, Vancouver to be exact. Hopefully I can see some other varieties of birds. And maybe a film or two at the VIFF.


  4. In the 30 years that I’ve lived in NYC the only time I can recall seeing icicles is in the dead of winter and in response to an epic snow storm. Also everything is pretty much dead and barren around here by the time that happens. This is the first time I’ve ever seen frozen flowers. Do they recover when the temperature warms up? Great shots!


    1. lameadventures,

      I always have the impression that NYC is quite cold in the winter… lots of snow storms … etc. Anyway, these icicles add some interest to the colorful flowerbed. And, it’s only because it’s early morning. Temp. varies a lot. There’s a saying that goes: “If you don’t like Calgary’s weather, wait 5 mins.”


      1. Winter 2012 in Gotham City was uncharacteristically mild; it hardly snowed at all. I heard that this upcoming winter is going to be monumental. It sounds like we’re going to get pummeled with so much snow we might not thaw out down here until April. Ugh. Some years winter is epically harsh and others, not so bad.


    1. Brona,

      I’d love to read your post, but you didn’t leave a link. Hope to hear from you again and pls. leave me your blog link so I can visit you. Thanks for your comment. 😉


  5. Your frozen flower photo is real art. I think it’s moved from simple photography to striking art. I would love a copy of it. You should have it printed & experiment with enlargements. It looks like a painting.


    1. Micheline,

      Wow… I should be out looking for frozen flowers early in the morning rather than birdwatching! Thanks for your interest, I’ll send you one definitely. You can enlarge it and print it. I’ll even sign it for you. 😉


  6. Great snap! We were about 5 degrees warmer than you yesterday but didn’t have much moisture in the air so no nifty looking frostiness. Our robins are long gone though. We’ve got geese flying through making a big racket now 🙂


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