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Since I started birding last September, yesterday was the first time I saw an owl. Thanks to two ladies walking in the area pointing me to this Great Horned Owl.

Look how well he camouflaged himself on the tree. I wouldn’t have sighted him by myself. Can you see an owl on the tree?

See an owl

I must have walked 180Β° around him to shoot from all sides just to get a clear view. Here’s the back, see how well he blended with the tree?


A closer front view, eyes wide shut in the late afternoon. Of course, it was sleeping time for him:

Eyes Wide Shut

Half an hour later I went back there, hoping to catch him open his eyes for me. But no, he teased me with just a slit:

Eyes half-openedNo matter. It was a great sighting for me. And I know where to find them now. Apparently, this is father owl and his family is famous in the birding community. They even have their own WEBPAGE.


See Mama Owl nesting in this post.

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