Sign of Spring: Melting Snow

These are photos for Saturday Snapshot April 27.

Snow has mostly melted now, but there are still remnants of winter. Strangely, I feel a sense of loss. That’s why I treasure these photos, chronicling the fading of another season.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in our City a couple of weeks ago…

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 1

It was a pleasure to watch this pair of Mergansers enjoy themselves in the icy water. For me, I was in full winter gear… down jacket, toque and gloves:

Male & Female Common Mergansers

They were beautiful to look at. Seems like you can tell right away which is male and female:

Female and Male Mergansers

A few days later, in another part of the City I captured the last scenes of winter:

Melting snow

Finally this one, I just can’t resist naming it: “Doolittle Reflection”. It reminds me of Bev Doolittle’s paintings, Click Here and see what you think.

Doolittle Reflection

Snow… why am I missing it?


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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

36 thoughts on “Sign of Spring: Melting Snow”

    1. BermudaOnion,

      We’ve been having balmy weather (meaning around 10C+) this week. So, spring is here to stay. But just last week there was snow.


    1. edgarone2,

      You’re right on that point. There’s definite beauty in snow and winter scenes, albeit we welcome spring and warm temp. Thanks for your comment.


  1. OH, Arti, I’m so glad spring is coming to your world. Today is actually one of our first nice days (yesterday, too). To see the sun is such a gift. But yes, the worlds of spring and autumn are indeed different and while I’m not fond of the cold weather, I can ay both have their charms. You’ll have a new crop of birds to enjoy — or perhaps just new finery on old friends. My heron has returned. Yes, spring is on the way.


    1. Jeanie,

      We’ve been having very sunny and warm weather this week, by that I mean 10C and above even. But the wind distracts us all. Anyway, I usually don’t miss winter, but hey, don’t you think the snow has its own unique appeal? I haven’t gone back to check on ‘my’ herons, they probably will be gone soon.


  2. Gorgeous photos. We are finally in spring after an unusually long, cold, hard winter. I confess, I didn’t feel any sense of loss when it finally moved on! You are far more patient than I am. πŸ™‚


    1. litlove,

      Well, we’re used to waiting for spring, year after year we’re teased with warm weather in March then April comes with snow and storms. But for some reasons, I miss the beauty of snow, albeit not the temp. of winter. Glad you’re enjoying spring now, sure brings with it new hope.


    1. Sim,

      Thanks for the link. The first thing I did after going there was to get on IMDb to find where the shooting location was for that one, and learned it was Mexico. You see, lots of movies were shot right here in Alberta, esp. Westerns… Unforgiven, Lonesome Dove, Open Range, Brokeback Mountain, just to name a few, and even Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven. So my point is, you might well have seen scenery in Alberta, or even Calgary and its surrounding areas while watching movies. πŸ˜‰


  3. Canadian winters last so long, I’m glad that spring has decided to stay now. Your Northern Hemisphere ducks are so gorgeous- much more spectacular than ours. Lovely photos, and such a glimpse into another world for me.


    1. Louise,

      Yes, there are many species of ducks here in our waters. I’m still learning to ID them. It’s always a joy to watch them… many of them are very handsome indeed.


  4. Yes, indeed. Why are you missing snow? πŸ˜‰ Me, on the other hand, have had enough. Lovely pictures! I especially love the reflections.


  5. A friend in Montana has been teased by spring for about three weeks now. First it warms to 50 degrees, then 60, and then it snows again. But he’s happy, as the late wet snow is providing good moisture and adding to the mountain snow pack.

    I’m surprised that your herons are migratory – I’d assumed that they would stay there through the summer. If they don’t hang around, it’s even more special that you got to see them.

    We have mergansers here just now and then during the winter. They’re so beautiful. Now and then we get loons, too, and widgeons, but I count myself lucky if I see more than one or two a year. Sometimes a pair will show up and stay for a few weeks – then they’re gone.

    We like to hold on to our cool weather here, too. Once it shifts, our spring is only about two weeks and then the blast furnace starts. But tonight? Rain, blessed rain. Nearly an inch and a half, and lightning and thunder to go with it. Hooray!


    1. Linda,

      We’re having balmy weather this week, albeit the wind is fierce at times. I started the Spring Birding Course the first week of April. I was so cold the first class that I had to leave and get back to my car due to the cold. The second week I almost got blown away by the strong wind. I was in full winter gear too… that’s the photos at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary above. There are many species of bird, over 30, every time. And yes, according to our birding group leader, those Herons will be here for just a few more weeks before they leave. But I don’t know where they go after this. So yes, I was very fortunate to have seen them even just from far away.


    1. nikkipolani,

      Without the snow, it’s just brown all over. Have to wait another month before greens come out. So maybe that’s why I miss the snow a bit, at least it makes me feel cleaner.


    1. Paulita,

      As with my comment above, it’s all brown now, and dusty. So you can see I’d rather be clean with snow. Thanks for the link to your photos.


  6. Arti,
    Love the Mergansers in the photo. OK it must be true that great minds think alike! I just posted about snowy springs and secretly needing the winter for its special purpose. Sharing my post “Soup against the Storm”


    1. Hedda,

      Yes, these are handsome birds. There are all kinds in our waters, still learning to ID them. I’m curious to see what you have for ‘Soup against the Storm’. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I enjoy snow best in photos. It’s pretty as long as I don’t have to go out in it. And I’m glad it’s gone from Chicago until, hopefully, next year.

    You should be seeing the spring migrants any day now. And lucky you, so many of them have their nesting grounds in your neck of the woods.


    1. Diane,

      Today, snow is still falling. We’ve learned not to plant anything in our garden until after Victoria Day (May 20) every year, for there’s still a chance of snow during the day or overnight frost. Yes, very different worlds we live in. And, yes, thanks for your kind words. I’m always at the lookout for freelance opportunities for publishing my photos and/or reviews. Any suggestions? πŸ˜‰


  8. All our snow disappeared over the weekend except for in the deepest shade and the snow piles in store parking lots which will take a few more weeks to melt. I am glad to have the snow gone so I can be out in my garden but when it returns in October/November I will be happy to see it.


    1. Stefanie,

      Glad you can start gardening now. We have snow today, no kidding, and quite windy too. For us, the advice is not to plant anything before Victoria Day (May 20). I wish you all the best in your gardening. Hope to see some fruits of labour soon. πŸ˜‰


  9. This might be a bit macabre, but the next to last photo reminds me of an icy jaw – the remaining teeth of winter.

    Those darling ducks charm me – they always bring such joy.


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