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These are photos for Saturday Snapshot April 27.

Snow has mostly melted now, but there are still remnants of winter. Strangely, I feel a sense of loss. That’s why I treasure these photos, chronicling the fading of another season.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in our City a couple of weeks ago…

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 1

It was a pleasure to watch this pair of Mergansers enjoy themselves in the icy water. For me, I was in full winter gear… down jacket, toque and gloves:

Male & Female Common Mergansers

They were beautiful to look at. Seems like you can tell right away which is male and female:

Female and Male Mergansers

A few days later, in another part of the City I captured the last scenes of winter:

Melting snow

Finally this one, I just can’t resist naming it: “Doolittle Reflection”. It reminds me of Bev Doolittle’s paintings, Click Here and see what you think.

Doolittle Reflection

Snow… why am I missing it?


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