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Spent a few days in the Metro Vancouver area last week. Didn’t see a lot of variety of shorebirds, but just catching sight of some Great Blue Herons was gratifying enough.

About half a dozen of them, far from where I was standing. They were peaceful and enjoying themselves until a Bald Eagle headed towards them, in a not-too-friendly manner. What was he thinking? He was alone and there were half a dozen Herons. An altercation soon followed, I could only hear the battle cries from afar but couldn’t snap the photos quick enough. But I can tell you, the Bald Eagle had to fly away subdued.

Here’s the approach. Whatever happened next you’re free to imagine:

Bald Eagle approaching Great Blue HeronsAnother time I got the chance to see a solitary Great Blue Heron up close and personal. It was a mesmerizing moment:

Great Blue HeronTakes flight:

GBH takes flight… landing:

GBH landingAnother day at dusk, above a pond were Swallows mingling in the evening sky. They were flying so swiftly that I could hardly capture them on camera. But after I uploaded the photos, this is what I saw… looks like another mid-air altercation. But since they are of the same species, shall I say this time, a little domestic dispute? Or perhaps just friendly frolicking…

Swallows mid-air disputeHere’s a more serene Canada Geese family outing, a quiet evening swim before bed:

Quiet evening swimDay is done:

Day is done


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