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What happened to the birds during the flood, I can’t say. But after the most serious flooding had passed, these were some of the sights.

Downtown view one day after the heaviest rain:

Downtown View 1 day after

The Glenmore Reservoir, two days after. Yes, that’s where our drinking water comes from. The heavy silts in the water made a peculiar sunset scene. You can see the muddy water in the foreground:

Muddy Sunset over Glenmore Reservoir

Due to flooding, the Weaselhead Natural Area was closed for some time. Two weeks after, I went to survey the aftermath:

Weaselhead Natural Area- Debris & Mud

From the mud on this bench, you can see how high the water came up to:

BenchAmong the rubbles of dead trees and debris, what I found amazed me. Do you see what I see? Look, right in the middle:

Do u c what i c?

Not just one or two, but half a dozen Cedar Waxwings frolicking among the ruins:

Cedar Waxwings frolicking

Absolute serenity:

Serene stance

Cedar WaxwingA closer look at the beautiful silky plumage:

Silky WaxwingNot just the Waxwings, hoards of Cliff Swallows joined in the natural chorus. But they were too fast for me to capture on camera. I could manage just a few shots. In most of the photos they came out too small and blurry:

Cliff Swallow

Cliff Swallow 1

Lots of Wild Roses among muddy leaves. See the bud?

See the bud?

Berries too, red defying brown:

Little red spots

And this little guy came out to greet me on the flood-swept path now dried:


As I was leaving the area, a Small Blue butterfly ensured me…

ButterflyLife goes on.


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