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To put in very simple terms, the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi refers to finding beauty in the withered, aging, destroyed, juxtaposing beauty and sadness.

This notion came to me in the past few days as I surveyed the ruins of the devastating flood now almost two months later. Landscapes had been altered, what once were the healthy homes of birds now destroyed. And yet, from the fallen, a sense of beauty arose.

Here are some photos I took yesterday of the area where I once saw the Merganser family. Remember those baby Mergansers wearing masks heading to the masquerade party?

This is the exact spot where I spotted them before the flood:

Where have all the Mergansers gone?

Wooded area now flattened:

Down & flooded out 1Altered landscape:

Altered landscapeDebris wrapped around tree like an armour of quiet resilience:

Debris wrapped around tree trunk

Wounded spirit:

Wounded SpiritWithered, but with colour:

WitheredBroken, but with character:

Broken, with characterMost important of all… life shooting out from the ruins:

Flowers shooting out of the ruins

Robin out in the sunDowny Woodpecker

Flicker flying out***

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All photos taken by Arti of Ripple Effects, please do not copy or reblog.