Saturday Snapshot January 11: Inspired by Llewyn Davis

The movie Inside Llewyn Davis strikes me with its overall atmospheric tone colour. The almost black-and-white, cyan greyness that shroud the scenes convey a pervasive sense of melancholy. While I was seized by the gloominess, I also saw the beauty in the cinematography.

And the snow. During his trip to Chicago, Llewyn has to tread through snow on the streets, without a winter coat, without proper shoes. His socks are soaked through.

I took these two snow photos just recently. At first I wasn’t pleased with their lack of colour. But after watching the movie, I’ve come to appreciate them more. These are all colour photos, not black and white:


Snowflakes 2

Without any green, trees can still be beautiful.



O the beauty of greyness.


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Photos in this post taken by Arti of Ripple Effects. Do Not Copy or Reblog.


CLICK HERE to read my review of the movie Inside Llewyn Davis.

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26 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot January 11: Inspired by Llewyn Davis”

    1. Esme Cococroissants,

      What I saw was amazing. These photos are not the sharpest. But in real life, I saw as you said each individual snow flake, like little starlets on the ice.


    1. Christine,

      You’re totally right. Black and white photography, or cinematography, bring out the depth, textures and mood more readily. Thanks for the link to your blog. Your Chaucer post is amazing. 😉


  1. Oh, the many-colored greys of winter! Your photographs are gorgeous, Arti. I really really want to see Inside Llewyn Davis, huge fan of the Coens that I am…sigh…perhaps on DVD…
    Thank you.


    1. ds,

      O you must though, it should be screening in your area now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Also, do get the CD after you’ve seen it. 😉 Thanks for stopping by the pond.


    1. Ellen,

      Yes we do get some beautiful trees here in Western Canada. More in B.C. I guess, with the rain forests. But their branches are never bare. 😉


    1. Ginny,

      Do come back and share your thoughts after you’ve seen it. On another matter, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but for some reasons it didn’t register. Maybe it’s just my laptop problem though.


  2. You’ve got a lot of nice detail in the snow shots. With snow it’s always difficult getting just the right lighting. The trees show their bones in winter and make such interesting photos.


  3. Every time I see photos like these I get snow envy all over again. I know, I know – the season gets long. But there’s just such beauty in seeing the bones of the landscape laid bare.


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