Saturday Snapshot February 8: Cabin Fever continues…

The snow and cold persist. I’ve to revisit Southern France to assuage cabin fever. Here are more photos from my Provence travels in the summer of 2010.

Avignon, the historic centre of Western Christendom in the Middle Ages. Its Palais des Papes, or, Palace of the Popes, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Medieval Gothic architecture was designed as a fortress and palace, residence for the Popes. Six papal conclaves were held there in the 14th century.

Palais des PapesSigns pointing to others historic monuments:


The Bridge of Avignon, Pont St. Bénezet, or Pont d’Avignon, was built between 1177 – 1185, rebuilt in 1234 after it was damaged in a siege by Louise VIII, King of France. It was an important crossing over the Rhone River. Only four arches now remain:

Pont d'AvignonNot all serious history though… Right outside the Palais Des Papes, I saw an elephant doing Yoga:

Elephant outside Palace of the PopesA closer look:

Elephant doing YogaAnd in the town centre, this beautiful merry-go-round:

Entertainment in town centreAnd puppeteers getting ready for a skeleton show:

Street performersSnap back to reality… no elephant in the room or dancing skeleton. And it’s -16C outside. Just let me hop back on that merry-go-round…


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24 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot February 8: Cabin Fever continues…”

    1. Jeanie,

      Rick Steves’s travel series is one of my favourite PBS shows. I’ve enjoyed his cultural commentary. We stayed in Avignon for a few days and as a hub, taking day trips out to the surrounding smaller towns. It’s definitely worth the visit.


  1. I think most of the world is with you, Arti, in wishing winter away. Even those blue skies in your photos just make me – long – for spring. We’ve been so cold and gray and wet and icy and snowy and…. Last week I got one day and two half-days of work in, and that was it. One day, the high was 38F. When the wind blows, I sit here at the computer in long underwear with a blanket around me. Of course, our houses aren’t build for cold. All these single-pane windows don’t help!

    Your photos are beautiful. I love the merry-go-round. When I was a kid, that was the one carnival ride I liked, other than the ferris wheel. Listening to the music while eating real, fresh-spun cotton candy was the best!


    1. Linda,

      I’d never imagine you getting 38F temp. It’s must be so uncomfortable if the buildings are not built for winter weather. I’d never worn long underwear indoor. 😉


  2. A nice diversion to sunny France… for a few minutes anyway. It feels like this winter is never going to leave. We had another round of snow yesterday and now more arctic air. I haven’t been out walking with my camera in over a month.


    1. Leslie,

      We’re fortunate to have a sunny skies even when the temp. is -20’s But I’d wait till warmer weather to venture out for bird photos. Trust your bird count was a success. 😉


    1. Louise,

      Looking back, you’re right. That was a beautiful day. And back then, I was just using a pocket camera for these photos. Good they turned up ok. I’m all envious of your hot Australian summer. 😉


  3. I love your winter escapes, Arti, elephants and all! That merry-go-round is a beauty, all right. The fortress/palace is regal against that blue blue sky. May the blue skies arrive soon in your neck o’ the woods!


    1. Nikkipolani,

      We have blue skies even in -20’s temp. Like right now, -21C and bright, blue sky. Some consolation, really. But no flowers, not until June or July.


    1. Susan,

      I’ll go back anywhere, anytime, if possible that is. There are many more places I want to explore there. I want to stay right there for a whole summer. 😉


  4. The colour of that sky! Azure, lapis lazuli, cobalt…. so many gorgeous words for one utterly gorgeous colour. We are trapped in waterworld here, and definitely wishing for the spring to arrive.


    1. Litlove,

      Yes, I love the sky in those photos. And, we have sunny skies too even in the midst of winter here. So that’s a consolation. Hope your rain will go away soon. 😉


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