Saturday Snapshot February 15: Windows & Doors

By now, I’m sure many of you are tired of looking at white and greyish stuff, be it snow, or its liquid form. Let me take you on my escapade to Provence, France, and continue to bask in some warm colours.

This time, we’re looking at windows and doors. Again, they are photos from my trip to Avignon and Arles in the summer of 2010.

Blue Windows in ArlesShop windowAvignonSix windows in ArlesPink window

A shop window

Yellow windows2 blue windows

Now here’s the trick: Choose a photo. Look intensely at it for one minute then close your eyes and let the image imprint in your mind. When you reopen your eyes, I’m sure you won’t see white. Let’s just dream a little dream of warm summer daze.

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36 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot February 15: Windows & Doors”

  1. Crazy that you and I were both in Provence in the summer of 2010. We stayed in St.-Remy-de-Provence. One day we took a lavender walk. Wish there was a way to share the perfume of that day.


    1. Deb,

      I’d love to take that lavender walk… but I was a month too late. Next time, I’ll be sure to go there in July. We stayed in Avignon, then took day trips to nearby towns. What a coincidence that at least three of us were there that summer.


  2. Provence always looks so amazing, so sunny and bright- I can see why it would help you escape from your winter. We’re having too much summer this year though, too much heat, sudden drought, and so it’s been amazing to have some rain the past few days. Great that we were all there in 2010- Deb and I were there at exactly the same time, so much so that we met (for the first time) in Paris!


    1. Louise,

      Yes, it’s just amazing that all three of us were there that summer, visiting the same places. Too bad I missed you two, and the lavenders. πŸ˜‰


  3. These images are certainly much easier on the eyes than the mountains of frozen white stuff outside β€” and of course, there were more snow showers earlier today here in the Big Apple. I have such a winter weather hangover.


    1. LA,

      Looks like you are getting worse weather than we up here in Canada. We have relatively warm temp. this past week and today, I actually brought my camera and walked by the river and took some photos of ducks. I’d like to see ducks swimming and diving for food than… uh… pigeons frolicking on urban window sills. πŸ˜‰


  4. I remember a couple of these, and it’s so wonderful to see them again. You’re right that it’s the European windows and doors that have so much character – although there are places here, like New Mexico and Brooklyn, where you can find real treats for the eyes.

    We have some sunshine today for the fourth day in a row! And the duckies are starting to show some evidence of having love on their minds – much quacking and contention and showing off among the males. Spring is on the way – soon all our windows will be open to the breezes!


    1. Linda,

      I’m sure other countries have interesting doors and windows too… but not in Cowtown, or any where that I can think of here. We’re a whole country of suburbia, uniformity in design under tight land use controls. That’s why I’d like to visit Europe, where the old remains stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

      As for the weather. I really can’t complain. We’re having glorious sunshine today and the temp is a warm 38F. πŸ˜‰


  5. The French are particularly good at shutters, aren’t they? They seem to fit the location and the landscape so perfectly. I once lived in a studio flat behind shutters like those, and I can recall the feeling of the blazing sun burning into the room when they were open.


    1. litlove,

      Oh but there are some really nice doors in England. I just might post some pics next Saturday, photos I took while visiting Bath. A beautiful and classy city.


  6. Whatever inspired you decide to take photos of doors and shutters? So many people would just focus on the big architectural structures. What a wonderful project! My favorite photo is the second, although I am so orderly that I would actually never allow myself to decorate a place like this. 😦


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