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The last few days have been the warmest, welcome sign that our waiting is finally over. Just a few degrees above zero, but enough for me to venture out to the woods and go on my first birding walk. I had to tread squeaky, slushy paths of melting snow and ice.

Here are some views. These photos were taken just last Friday April 4. Melting icicles dripping into the icy creek. Yes, this is spring for us. No flowers yet, not even green grass. But this is promise enough:

Melting Icicles


Last fall they dominated the sky, but I’d missed the Canada Geese through the long, silent winter. Surprised to find these two here enjoying the cool spot, weren’t bothered a bit by my intrusion:

Canada Geese

Up close and personal… Welcome back!

Up Close and Personal


The Chickadee never flew away. But I’m sure she’s glad with the warming up:



The Bohemian Waxwings stay in the winter and moves north after the cold. But the Cedar Waxwings’s arrival from the south heralds spring:


Cedar Waxwings

Silky fine spring look worthy of any fashion magazine cover:


Cedar Waxwing

More spring birding photos coming up on Saturday Snapshot.


All Photos taken by Arti of Ripple Effects, April, 2014.
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