Saturday Snapshot Oct. 11: Shades of Yellow

In last week’s Saturday Snapshot I mentioned that yellow was our fall default colour. Sure I’d like to see more spectacular red, but yellow is by no means a uniform colour. Recently I’ve been savouring the various shades of yellow, a sumptuous visual feast.

A lighter shade of yellow:

The Lighter Shade of Yellow

Rusty yellow against solid blue:

Shades of Yellow 8
Wabi-sabi yellow, see the half-fallen tree on top, aftermath of the snow storm:

Wabi-sabi yellowFaraway yellow in the morning mist:

Faraway YellowClose-up yellow back lit:

Close-up Yellow

Yellow against dark green coniferous:

Yellow Against ConiferousLuminous deciduous delight:

Luminous Decidous Delight

Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing yellow… even kayaks and canoes rise to the occasion:

Yellow Kayak

Yellow Kayak 2

Yellow Kayak 3As a birder, I was delighted to spot a yellow rump amidst yellow leaves:

Yellow Rump among Yellow Leaves


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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

37 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot Oct. 11: Shades of Yellow”

  1. Great post Arti. It is important to look for beauty wherever you are- because it is there, as you so ably showed us this week. I loved all your shades of yellow shots.


  2. I love your beautiful study of yellow foliage. So striking, especially against that vivid blue sky. Our trees are just starting to show color in the Pacific Northwest. I’m looking forward to the display–but not for the onslaught of leaves in gutters and storm drains.
    My Saturday Snapshots today are from the Cinque Terre.


  3. What a great collection of shades. I do love yellow (and green), so there’ s much here that’s appealing. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the rusty yellow, and the “luminous deciduous delight”, whose title I like almost as much as the photo!


  4. Love love love that yellow-green first image. Reminds of the tender greens of spring. The golden yellows are beautiful, too.

    And, yes, triple digits. We were a mere 81F today.


      1. Yes, we get yellow leaves, but they swiftly move to drab brown. There are a few that turn red. I’ve always counted January as winter 😉 After that, we get rains and then the garden awakens — can’t very well call that winter!


  5. Arti these images are a joy to behold 🙂 Yellow is a seriously up-lifting colour celebration and is more than just an accompaniment to the reds and oranges of autumn.


  6. These are spectacular. Our color here looked so promising when I was north but I’m still waiting for an awful lot of trees to turn. They seem oddly late — perhaps stubborn, given our short and cool summer. I’d love to all that yellow and bright blue sky — it dazzles!


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