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As a birder who has just barely passed the novice level, my code of operation when I go on nature hikes is to shoot first, ask questions later. Especially for birds, I must point and shoot in the nick of time. When I get home, I’ll have lots of time to find out what it is that I’ve captured.

The resulting effect is… I’ve accumulated many unknown subjects.

Ignorance is no bliss when it comes to appreciating nature. Could you help me then in identifying some of them… You who are living in the warmer south among flowers and trees, birds and bees, fruits and fungi.

First off, what happened to this tree trunk and what are these growing out of it?

Tree trunk

And for fruits, I can only identify them by their colours. But I’m sure they all have a name. Here are the red berries:

Red berrieswhite berries:

White berriespurple berries:

Purple berriesand these orange ones like strings of Christmas lights hanging on the branches,

Strings of berriesHere’s a close-up of these succulent orange berries:

Orangey berriesWhat is this creature? A centipede? Name? I can’t make head or tail out of it, which side is which:

A Centipede?Or this unknown bird that I’d stalked but could not get closer before it flew away. It walked most of the time…

Unknown Bird 1

Unknown birdHere’s another unidentified flying subject taking off:

Unknown bird 2Or a name for these fungi:

Yellow FungiFungi 1… knowledge is bliss when it comes to appreciating nature.

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All Photos Taken by Arti of Ripple Effects

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