Saturday Snapshot November 1: One Fine Day

Yes, it’s still fall. Other than the snow storm we had in early September, we have been getting relatively fine weather, considering it’s November already.

Just two days ago, it was one fine, fall day. The temperature reached 13C (55F) when I took these photos, which is very warm for us, especially with the sun bursting in full force. Joggers were wearing shorts and T-shirts.

The glorious golden yellow has changed to brown now, and tree branches are bare…

Fall but not fadingbut the sun remains the unwavering source of light and warmth:


and the river as blue as ever, matching the clear, open sky:

Beautiful Blue Bow River

Gulls linger, who’d want to fly south with weather like this?

GullsAt the pond, these Canada Geese agree. Just hanging out for a while longer:

Canada Geese

Too comfy here, this Bonaparte’s Gull is not flying away any time soon:

Bonaparte's Gull preening

Bonaparte's Gull

Nor the Lesser Scaup:

Lesser Scaup

Mrs. Mallard is having so much fun here… I don’t want to go, she yelps:

Female Mallard skimming over the water

And I add my voice, don’t leave just yet.

We’re not going anywhere, Dear, Mr. Mallard assures her.

MrCool. Let’s get cold together.

*Note: The Mallards are some of the birds I still see in the colder months. With others who stay, they make winter a bit more enjoyable.


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23 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot November 1: One Fine Day”

  1. These are so beautiful and that water unbearably, perfectly blue. It feels cold but it feels divine, too. I love your birds in flight.

    We had our first snow — on Halloween (the biggest fright of all!). I’m not ready but when I hear about September as a snow date, I’m a bit placated!


    1. Jeanie,

      The day I took these photos, actually just 3 days ago, it was very warm, bright and sunny. I just love the colour of the river. These photos are exactly how I saw the scenery. No colour enhancing in any of these pics. But of course, the warm weather doesn’t last long… now is dreary and snow is on the way. But then again, wait for a day or two, we’ll have bright sunshine again. 😉


  2. Beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed the one of Mrs. Mallard taking flight. Around here, crisp, clear autumn and winter days are a gift–a welcome change from the overcast, drizzly weather typical of the Pacific Northwest in wintertime.


    1. Sandra,

      We’ve had dreary weather and snow yesterday and today, but the forecast for tomorrow is another bright, sunny day. That’s how fast the weather changes here and so, I’ve learned to appreciate every moment. Thanks for your comment. 😉


  3. Love your photos of the water and the fowl. We don’t get a chance to see many here. Some Canadian geese and a few years ago we had some pelicans stop at a small lake right in the middle of town. I didn’t get pictures, but many did and the newspaper was plastered with them. It was fun!


    1. jkb4664,

      We have many varieties of ducks, some we get to see all year even in minus 20C temp. Like the Mallards. But not the songbirds, they fly south early in the fall. Thanks for stopping by the pond and leaving your comment. 😉


    1. Ellen,

      I’m glad though that even in the deep of winter, we have the Chinook wind which can make a difference in temp. from the minus to the plus in just a few hours. That’s what I like about Calgary. 😉


  4. I love the scaup. That’s another that we don’t have, or that I don’t see. Today, we have those same blue skies, and even our muddy water looks pretty. Even the bare trees are lovely. We may begin seeing some changes here, for yesterday’s front was a real one. I had to close the windows in the middle of the night (gasp!) and tonight? The predicted low is in the 50s. Tomorrow is the time change, and we’ll begin experiencing the shortened days even more sharply.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!


    1. Linda,

      Yes, we change the time together with you all. As for the water fowls, I’ve only seen the Mallards during winter. The Scaup will fly to your area for winter, so are many other ones. You’ll have the chance to see them. It’s just that we see them in different times, reversing our summer/winter.


    1. Thanks Louise. Yes, I was most impressed by the blues. Did not make a single alteration in the colours of the photos. That’s the exact blue I saw. Just amazing.


  5. There’s something about the richness of the blues you capture in November that just wows me. I love the almost-indigo shades of the last shot. 55F is warm for this time of year? We have 84F forecast in a few days. Shorts and t-shirts are never far out of reach.


    1. nikkipolani,

      It’s all relative. And actually, for our very dry weather, 55F with bright sunshine can be very warm. As I cited joggers in shorts and t-shirts. Now today it hovers around 0C and with snow. So you can see the difference in temp. between 3 days ago and now. But then, tomorrow we’ll have glorious sunshine again and back on the plus side. Just love the variations. 😉


  6. Great pictures, Arti! You have such lovely clear blue skies and what appears to be a very unpolluted river, unlike the Hudson. Just looking at it too long could probably burn one’s eyeballs. The temperatures are cooling down here in NYC, but fall, thus far, has been very nice. The pigeons seem to stick around all year round, probably because the food supply on the street is so plentiful. But, if we have another brutal winter like the past one, my city slicker birds might be hooking up with your country geese and gulls and head south.


    1. LA,

      I heard a nasty winter snow storm was heading towards the Eastern U.S. yesterday. Don’t know if that was anywhere close to your city. I’ve heard so much about those wet winter snow storms in the American East, and I must say, I’d rather be in Cowtown, at least the snow is dry more or less, and always have the big blue sky above us… most of the time. As for birds, I know Central Park is the hot spot for migratory birds during Spring and Fall. Wish I were there birding, probably would bump into some celebs birdwatchers too.


  7. Our weather sounds like it has been very similar of late. We are very much enjoying the lovely respite as we are being promised at “polar outbreak” for the coming weekend. I’m not sure what that means other than it is going to be cold! Beautiful photos as always Arti. I love the way the water looks in the lesser scaup photo!


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