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The English poetΒ Percy Bysshe Shelley holds one view common with Balzac Billy, our Alberta Groundhog: an early spring is on its way.

Not to rub it in, but we’ve been enjoying a relatively mild winter, even a record high on Jan. 25, when the temperature reached 17C (63F).

These photos were not taken right on that day, but they all show how our ducks and geese shrugged off the icy river, spread their wings and echoed Balzac Billy’s prediction.

Here they are mass sunbathing:

Mass Sunbathing

The Mallards show their true colours:

Mallards show their colours

Compared to the Mallards, the Buffleheads are smaller in size, and are distinctly more playful. Why wait for spring to make a splash?

Playful Buffleheads

or try walking on water:

Bufflehead walking on water

The Common Merganser stands out among the crowd with their long, red beaks and eggshell white lower body with a yellow glow:

Male Merganser stands out

But my fave is the female Merganser. I like her roll-out-of-bed hairdo and natural mascara. For some reasons, she makes me think of Lucillle Ball:

Lucille Ball Merganser

Nature’s hourglass, every drip brings us closer to Spring:

Nature's Hourglass


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