Saturday Snapshot April 18: A Whiter Shade of Spring

We don’t have green grass yet. Flowers, another two months. A hidden stream I saw a few days ago was still in ice. This is our spring. And I’m fine with it, for on a clear day, I can see for miles all the way to the snow-capped Rockies.

These photos were taken earlier this week. On that day, I had to stop my car and capture these sights. The sun was out in full force and the sky was magnificently blue, all clear for me to use just my point-and-shoot camera (mind you, one with a pretty good zoom I admit).

A whiter shade of Spring than most of you are used to:

The Rockies

Ah… the benefit of living right at the foothills of the Rockies:

Living at the Foothills of the Rockies

The wide open space can cast away all claustrophobic wintry blues, and set your imagination free. Have you seen the pyramids of Giza covered in snow? Here they are:

The Pyramids in SnowOr flashback to the days when the sky, mountains and grasslands fuse with your homestead. Breathe in the scene; the firewood can wait:

Rockies 2

By the next few weeks, these mountains will still be covered with snow (actually they are snow-capped all year). The icy stream will long have melted, colours will return. I’ll show you our birds and other living creatures. But right now, I look beyond the dry, brown grass up to the mountains, and soak in this whiter shade of Spring.


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28 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot April 18: A Whiter Shade of Spring”

  1. Such lovely writing Arti and stunning photos. i live in Denver CO and have nice views of the snowy Rockies also. they keep me in check, when i think my problems are insurmountable i look at them!


    1. Heather,

      O then we share the same mountain ranges. These photos must be so common to you, nothing surprising. I always enjoy driving with the mountains as backdrop. Magnificent.


  2. Indeed a whiter shade of spring. We’ve had our first snowfall of the autumn a few weeks ago! I do like your pyramids covered in snow. Cool photos. Pun intended.


  3. They ARE like pyramids! Gorgeous, though I must say at this time of year I suspect you are eager for a bit of the green stuff. But wonderful photos — and what an amazing sky!


    1. Jeanie,

      Once they bud, we’ll have green very soon. The grass too is turning green, suddenly just today. I’m glad though that the lofty mountains aren’t affected by our seasons. For it’s wonderful to see their snow-capped top all year round. The highway to Banff is particularly beautiful, in all seasons, because of these mountains.


  4. Your photos are just stunning, Arti. Of course, the Rockies are a fine subject, and always impress. Still, this is a unique and entirely pleasurable look at spring, especially for someone like me who likes the season to linger as long as it can. We’ve had some hot and humid already, and it’s refreshing to look at your images and think cool thoughts!


    1. Linda,

      Thanks. Maybe after all these years living at the foothills, breathing in clear and crisp mountain air, I’m used to cool and dry than hot and humid. I know, people here love warm and hot weather. And just looking at these mountains when driving is refreshing to the eyes as well.


  5. So beautiful Arti! Our spring has been warmer than usual and the trees are starting to leaf out already. My early spring prairie flowers are starting to bloom along with a few tulips. It’s kind of crazy.


    1. Stefanie,

      It’s beautiful only we one look to the sky and the mountains. Here on the ground is only brown, dead grass. Some buds are coming out of trees, so not long now.


  6. I love the wide open spaces. It’s always a treat to have a view of mountains. Growing up in Southern California the smog was so bad you couldn’t see the mountains…


    1. Ellen,

      Yes, I’m glad we have very clean, crisp air, most of the time. But visitors find we’re too dry; doesn’t take long for them to notice, super dry here.


  7. Snow-capped all year! Yes, I can imagine that. Here, we are excited when we see any white at all. This year, there was only a “sugar dusting” as my German student calls it.


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