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While some of you are enjoying roses and rhododendrons, or harvesting your first tomatoes and zucchini, we’re finally seeing buds on our tree branches that were still bare just a few weeks ago.

Here are some photos of what you can see within our budding grove. Probably the most common and easiest to photograph are the Robins. They like to pose and they are not too camera shy:

the RobinFor a few days I was trying hard to shoot the elusive Ruby-crowned Kinglet, for their calls are clear and distinct. Lured by their songs, I walked into a thicket of bushes and trees and lost my direction for a while in the forest. Love’s labour’s not lost. Here are some of the fruits of my venture off the beaten track. You can see two tiny dots of red on the crown of this one:

Ruby-crowned KingletBut trust me, I saw one flash out in red at the crown flapping his wings frantically from a short distance, but only for just a second. I didn’t even have time to lift my camera and it flew away.

Here’s another Ruby-crowned Kinglet. I must say the budding leaves are more appealing here.

Ruby-crowned KingletWhere do you see the Canada Goose nesting? Inside tree trunk cavities. Here’s one:

Canada Goose nestingOn a nearby trunk, the Northern Flicker tapping away, with calls you can hear from a distance:

Northern FlickerHave you heard of the Happy Wren? Here he is, probably the happiest bird around at 8 a.m. He was on that branch for half an hour chirping away, loud and clear:

The Happy WrenRemember the Great Horned Owlet? He’s grown quite a bit. Here’s a recent photo:

Furry ballDon’t recognize him? Here’s looking at you kid:

Owlet growing upWithin the budding grove, birds come and go. Another spring, another generation. This owlet will soon fly away when spring comes to an end. But those eyes I won’t soon forget.


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