Saturday Snapshot April 9: Signs of Spring

Previously on Ripple, I’d posted an Easter poem I wrote a few years back. In it there’s this line about the longing for spring: “I’m contented to see a patch of dry and withered brown.”

These photos explain why. There’s still remnant of winter just a couple of weeks ago:

Remnat of winter

The weather today reached 23C (73F), but the ground is still brown, the branches bare, a very different world from most of you, your gardens blooming with colourful roses and first crops.

But from the bare branches I can see buds, a tiny green ready to burst out:

buds on trees

So glad to see the Robins back, see them?

Robins at the pond



DSC_0665 (1)

For the past few years, the Great Horn Owls are the punctual heralds of spring. Mommy returns to the same nest every March to give birth to her young. By this time, the owlets have been born, but still being kept close in the nest. See the tiny white downy on Mommy’s right?

Mom & baby


Daddy Owl is never far away, watching or dozing off from a close distance:

Father Owl.jpg

See him? Brown feathers camouflage with the bare, brown trees. Soon, green will come out and so will the young, fledging owlets, babies’ day out. Arti will sure be there waiting at the bottom of the trees, camera ready, as in the past few years.

Until then, I’m contented with a patch of brown.


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27 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot April 9: Signs of Spring”

    1. These are all faraway shots. Just cropping them closer. 🙂 other photographers have tripods all set up with their huge lens to wait on the Owls all day. I just have a handheld 70-300mm.


  1. We have two inches of white today and more to come. I’m not so patient as you are! But yes, robins are hanging out at the feeder and we wait — as patiently as possible! I’m glad you are able to get out to your birds and extra happy that the Owlington Family has returned! Welcome home — in so many ways!


    1. Jeanie,

      Love that name! The Owlingtons. Sounds very Downtonesque. 🙂 I heard that the east coast had their winter all over again last week, but we are exceptionally warm. Just waiting for the colors to come out. Yes home is the best place to be.


  2. It’s been brown around here too, but there are buds and Thursday I spotted robins in the yard. So yes, Spring is coming. Great owl pictures! We have a few here in Wyoming, but not many in town.


  3. I would be terribly excited, too – birds appearing in your world feels like a sign of good Providence. It is like that here for me, and my heart beat fast yesterday to see a new species at my new feeder. That you have the same Great Horned Owls every Spring — why, they are like Family.


  4. I love seeing the robins and owls. You’re so good at getting their photos — although it does help that the owls oblige by using the same house every year. It’s much easier if you know where to find them! I really like the robin photo — neat that you captured the reflection of that one, and it’s rather amazing that he shows up more clearly in the water than on his rock.

    I’ve been watching a pair of doves built a nest in a little nook right by a boat I’m working on. She’s sitting on their eggs, now, and with luck, all will go well. They were smart enough to pick a corner that has pretty good protection from rain and wind, so I’ll cross my fingers. I’m nearly done with the boat, so I’ll have to just go by and visit.

    Home is good, isn’t it? I had an offer to go up to Oklahoma and work on a boat, and it took me only about two seconds to decline. I’m at the point in my life when being a “home body” is much more enjoyable and comfortable than it used to be. And after too much travel, or too much living out of a suitcase, doesn’t it feel good to settle back down into our “nests”?


    1. Linda,

      I saw many robins today. They are very energetic and even aggressive. Saw three fighting for food. Anyway, yes, home is the best place to be I suppose. But then again, home is also like the moveable ‘doh’. Any note can be ‘doh’. A bad analogy, but you know what I mean. Of course, moving to another state is a big thing, but then you can always take it as a ‘vacation’, after that job, come back home to the Gulf coast. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is funny — any place that I am, I do tend to call “home.” If I’m living in a motel for a few days, I speak of going home, and mean the motel, not my usual abode. In that sense, I suppose I’m a little like the turtle. I carry my home with me!


        1. I broke a personal record last month. As you know, I was away and during all that time, expectedly long, I stayed in a Best Western motel. No kidding, more than one month! And that was ‘home’ for me there, very comfortable too. 🙂


          1. That’s a bit like Mom, Dixie Rose and me staying in motels during hurricane evacuations. You can settle in pretty comfortably, actually — especially with a microwave, small fridge, tv, and internet!

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  5. Arti,

    Love your snapshots especially the two with reflections from the water, makes me yearn for s visit to your neck of the woods😉



  6. Somehow, with the coming of spring comes hope. I love the renewal, the reawakening of the world, which has grown weary during winter. Although, winter will always be my favorite. 😉 I so enjoy the sparkling white, the hush of snow, and thick ice…

    Your pictures are lovely as always, Arti.


    1. Bellezza,

      Thanks for stopping by the pond and leaving your ripples. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Spring means hope, and Nature does sing for joy. I can hear it clearly, like today when I went out to the woods, I could hear the symphony of birds!


  7. That pair of owls is really productive! The robins have returned here in force. The males are all vying for territory and superiority and it is hilarious to watch them showing off


    1. Stefanie,

      I heard other birders say the male this time is a different one cause the previous one is dead. (I don’t know how they know that.) But, anyway, I saw two owlets peeking out of the nest today!

      Liked by 1 person

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