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A month ago I saw two newborns in the Owlington abode. Here’s one of them out and about; the other must be still sleeping:

Owlington baby

A curious fella:

Owlington 1

Scratching and preening:

Owlington baby scratching

Mrs. Owlington is always close by watching:

Mrs. Owlington

I’ve always thought the Owlington is the only owl family by the pond until I came across these new kids in another part of the hood. Three of them snuggled up against one another on that windy afternoon:

New Kid 3.jpg

No mama or papa around. Wait, not just three, there’s one more on another branch. This bro is all cool and aloof:

New Kid 4

The next day I went back there and saw li’l bro again. This time his style really shown through. Why wait for papa to bring back dinner? Fast food right here:

Can't wait

These are some of the pictures I’d taken in the past weeks. As spring slowly arrives and is here to stay, so are myriads of new lives, bursting out in the hood, some are new encounters for me. Stay tuned for more Nature Photography here on Ripple Effects.


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