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The pond has been bursting with life.

The past two weeks were prolific for me, not in writing but in shooting. I’ve been able to capture some new discoveries, first time photographing and identifying them. Here they are.

A pair of Common Terns, not common for me. They dart like speeding bullets onto the water to pick out fish but fly so gracefully in the air:


A flying common tern.jpg

Tern flying

The American Coot, not a duck, but a coot. Whatever is the difference, I need to read more:

American Coot

Here’s a pair of Blue-winged Teals. The white crescent behind the bill is the identifying mark. I’ve learned that they are long distance migrants, flying all the way to South American in the winter:

Blue-winged Teal, Male and Female

There’s also the Green-winged Teal, a beauty. Look at the shiny shades of color at the tail:

Green-winged Teal

And on the shore, perching on cattails from last fall, the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I see the Red-winged Blackbirds all the time, but this is my first sighting of the brilliant yellow heads:

Yellow-headed Blackbird.jpg


Some of them have a shade of orange, even more handsome:

Orange yellow

Exciting discoveries for this amateur birder. More coming…



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