Saturday Snapshot July 2: Summer Visitors

Here at the pond, summer visitors arrive to my natural Air B&B in June from near and far. I admit up here above the 49th parallel, I don’t get as many varieties as I’d like to see, nor as colourful as many of you have down in the south. Still it gives me great pleasure to host them.

Here are some of the avian visitors in the past month. Glad they find my Air B&B suitable for their stay, taking advantage of the pool and the amenities, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are usually shy to be photographed, so I got them in my Air Guestbook unobtrusively.

Some new guests, for me anyway, like Mr. and Mrs. Ruddy Ducks. Hard to get them to come closer for photos, so here’s a blurry snapshot from afar. How do I identify them? The light blue bill of Mr. Ruddy:

Male & Female Ruddy Ducks

A repeat visitor, although not always easy to find, so I’m delighted to host, the Greater Yellowlegs:

Greater Yellowlegs

Families are most welcome. Here are my regular visitors, the CG Family:

The CG Family

Always glad to see them make themselves at home. I got this pic as they took their morning stroll:

A morning stroll

The quiet Spotted Sandpiper soaking in the sun and the sight:

Spotted Sandpiper

And of course, who can beat the free meals while they’re staying here. That’s why they keep coming back, look at this Great Blue Heron helping himself to the buffet:

Buffet meal


Is that a big fish that Mrs. Pelican just gulped in?


And finally, I’ve waited for them for so long, the Yellow Warblers. I know they like their stay. Just listen to their calls as they share on their social platform:

Yellow Warbler

Well, if you’ve got food in your mouth, you can’t call back. No instant messaging here at the buffet table:

No msg

More from my Air Guestbook next time.


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33 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot July 2: Summer Visitors”

  1. I love birds, so this was a delight for me to view. Thanks so much for sharing. I have pelicans by me too, way down here in Southern California near San Diego 🙂 also when I lived in Florida. This is such a fun type to just sit back and watch.


    1. The Smiling Pilgrim,

      Welcome to the Pond. Yes, my duck visitors are beautiful. Glad I caught them on camera that time. The next day I went out there Mr. & Mrs. Ruddy were gone.


  2. Lovely birds! Last night, the ducks on the Ottawa River were none to pleased with the July 1st fireworks. They were quaking like crazy–floating in the reflection of red and white lights…no photos unfortunately!


      1. lostandfoundbooks,

        No worries, I totally got what you meant.
        I missed the fireworks in my City, but I could hear them from miles away. Enjoy your Canada Day long weekend! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. If the number of species seems small, that probably serves to make them even more special to you. They are the ones who choose to accept your hospitality! I don’t have very many birds in my backyard, but I feel so honored that they come at all. Your pictures are great, and they are of species I never see otherwise. Thank you for sharing your friends 🙂


  4. I’ve never seen a ruddy duck, or the warbler. I have seen the yellow legs, and have a few photos. We have sandpipers, but I’m not sure which ones. You’ve reminded me that I found a shorebird family a few weeks ago I’d never seen. I still haven’t identified it — only because I haven’t taken the time to try!

    One of the ironies is that many of the colorful songbirds don’t stay here, either. They may come through during migration, but then they’re off, to the middle of the country, or wherever. it’s like the Three Bears school of bird tracking: this location is too far north, and this one is too far south, but this one is just right!


    1. Linda,

      According to my bird book, there are many species of Warblers at the Texas Gulf Coast. You must have seen some of them. I know you have more shorebirds than we do here, being in warmer climate and we probably have more forest environ birds. Your Three Bears analogy is marvellous!


  5. How wonderful to have such seasonal variation, we have a bit of variation, but not so much as you because more birds can winter here. I’m pretty sure I sure a pair of those Ruddy Ducks in a park in London, that blue bill is amazing. The Yellow Warbler is special.


  6. I’ve never seen a ruddy duck before – that blue bill is striking. Amazing how the fish in the pelican’s mouth can be seen. I can see why you look forward to the return of the yellow warblers, another one I don’t think I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your local Airbnb shots!


    1. Barbara,

      You know, I saw the blue from afar, and was utterly curious. First I thought the duck must have got caught with a plastic shopping bag around the bill. But not until I uploaded the photos did I find it’s the bill that’s so brilliant with this light blue. Only when I looked up the bird book did i realize it was a Ruddy Duck. Yes, always exciting to learn and sight something new. The same with the Pelican, I knew she/he was feeding and catching fish, but from afar didn’t see the fish so I just snapped away and lo and behold, there really looks like one in the baggy bill.


    1. Denise,

      Hey thanks! I always like to think of novel ways to present my photos. Not so straight forward. Anyway, I do hope they will be repeat customers. 😉


  7. I’ll try again. Fab photos! Especially love the gorgeous yellow warblers and the terrific heron and pelican shots. Your yellow legged fellow is handsome too! Especially loving your fun commentary on the delights of the Airbandb at the pond! Your guests are most fortunate to have such a wonderful spot!


  8. What lovely attendees to such a beautiful party! Earlier this year at the beach, Boyfriend and I heard a soft quacking hidden in the underbrush – we then came across Mr. & Mrs. Mallard, possibly tending to their nest.

    Unfortunately, we have seen less and less birds at our beach. I hope when the season changes, we can see some more visitors.


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