Owl Babies’ Day Out

It has been three weeks since I last posted about a first sign of spring: Grizzly bear coming out of hibernation. Now, spring is in full force. Another sure sign in my neck of the woods is Great Horned Owlets out to enjoy the sunshine.

First, let me play a little ‘Where’s Waldo’ with you. Can you find the owls in this photo? How many do you see?


The obvious ones are on the top branch, mom on the right with her baby, and in the lower, closer to the trunk, another owlet.

Some are just born to be more independent. Take a closer look at this cool, furry owl baby perching on her own branch. Seeing me eagerly snapping her photo, she sits still for me, giving me a big smile even:



She reminds me of those Ukrainian dolls.


But don’t think she’s all innocent and vulnerable, look at her claws:


And to the mother and the other baby in the upper branch, again, they know how to please us nature paparazzi, just by being themselves:


Babe & Mom.jpg

And here, a little action for us, Mom preening her baby. The term of endearment is instinct:

Mom preening baby

Preening babe.jpg

I can hear the baby say: “Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”



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15 thoughts on “Owl Babies’ Day Out”

  1. I saw three, maybe four, although the other one (on the far right branch where it splits into green might just be part of the branch.) Are there four or three — I see the three obvious ones but having a hard time finding the other in the top photo.

    They’re cute as buttons, though — deceptively so, it appears, from those talons.

    What a great capture. Lucky you could catch the grooming too!


    1. Well Jeanie, it’s some sort of a trick question. There are three, Mom and Babe on the upper branch, and the other babe on the lower branch close to the trunk. It’s just that I couldn’t find the father. Maybe he’s gone to hunt for food. They are cute yes, and doll like, sitting so still for me to shoot pictures.


  2. The Ukranian dolls are a great analogy. The shape certainly fits, doesn’t it? I do enjoy seeing bird families, and your owls always are especially delightful. I found a black-bellied whistling duck atop a pile of broken reeds last Sunday. Not until I got home did I realize that pile of reeds was her nest, and a baby was poking its head up! There’s always something new to see — sooner or later!


    1. Linda,

      I haven’t seen a black-bellied whistling duck before. Maybe you’ll post it on your blog? We certainly have very different bird species than the gulf coast. So far this year, I’ve seen Pelicans, a Blue Heron, and lots of Franklin Gulls.


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