Spring Birding at the Pond

Here at the Pond, that is, the real, literal Pond, Spring is a busy time. I know, for some of you, Spring is so far behind as you’re deep into Summer already. I caught the following pics early this week while it was warm and sunny; yesterday was a downer, a chilly 5C (42F). But then the high came last night with the NBA game. We The North, Arti watches movies, birds, and basketball.

Now is a wonderful time to greet migrating friends coming back to nest.  Even if you’re just strolling in the woods near the Pond without intention to spot birds, you’re bound to see some beautiful creatures amidst the cacophony of chirps and songs. 

If you spot a furry ball like this up on a tree branch, don’t pass by without pausing:

Furry Ball 2.jpg

Wait a bit, and you’ll see what it really is. A baby owl preening:

Owlet waking up

A big yawn… nice, no teeth to brush:

No teeth to brush.jpg

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Looking at you kid.jpg

A ‘Where’s Waldo’ exercise: All in the family. Well, not all, some. How many owls can you see here:

Spot the owls.jpg

Alright, enough spotlight. Somewhere else, a Yellow Warbler is singing his heart out in the bright sunshine:

Singing Yellow Warbler.jpg

And further away, silently perching on another tree, a Great Blue Heron. I seldom see one high up on a tree and not in the water. A bit blurry pic cause it’s so far away:

Great Blue Heron.jpg

With song birds, it’s ‘hear before you see’. By their calls, I know they’re around. Finding them is another matter. Taking a photo of them is a challenge. I can hear two Baltimore Orioles calling and responding to each other from two trees some distance apart, airmailing each other.


Closer to the water, a Yellow-headed blackbird is posing for me:

Yellow-headed Blackbird.jpg

Enjoying a swim is Mr. Merganser:

Mr. Merganser

I always think of Lucille Ball whenever I see a female Merganser:

Lucille Ball.jpg

How’s your Spring exploration so far? Birds, wildlife, Nature finds?


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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

20 thoughts on “Spring Birding at the Pond”

  1. Arti, Thank you — I love your birding photos! We have in our Denver backyard, (actually every year) a family of wrens residing in a wooden wren house. The parents are busy singing and bragging about their brood. Though they be little they are fierce.
    Frequent visitors here are the ubiquitous robin, house finch, blue jays, mourning doves, and black-capped chickadees.


  2. You have some drop dead gorgeous birds in your pond. I love every photo — and the Lucile Ball reference! I spotted three owls. How many did I miss? And your baby owl is so adorable, all fluffy and cute! You have birds I never see “in person.” What a good outing. (Did your team win? I used to watch BBall all the time but haven’t of late!)


    1. Jeanie,

      You’re right. There are 3. Aren’t they lovely? As for the BB Game, it’s the NBA Finals! For the first time a Canadian team, the Toronto Raptors are in, an underdog against the 4-times (consecutive years) champion the Golden State Warriors. And the Raptors are leading 3-1 in a best of 7 series! They won both games back to back in Oakland CA. Next Monday’s home game will be all if they win.


  3. That yellow warbler makes my heart flutter!

    I see three owls for sure… there is a roundish smudge on the right that doesn’t quite look like an owl – but maybe it’s a blurry owl?

    Happy Spring!!

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    1. You’re right Gretchen, there are 3, one parent and two owlets. As for warblers, they are my faves. I just love their cheerful songs and brilliant colour. Have a wonderful Summer! 🙂

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  4. I so love your baby owl photos every year! We had lots of busy birds in garden this spring, a pair of cardinals that must have been nesting nearby, chickadees and junkos, house wrens, and a new visitor, a quite a few American yellow warblers. It was delightful seeing tham all zipping around through the shrubs and trees and picking through the leaf litter. And the birdsong!


    1. How wonderful, Stefanie! Sounds like your garden is a bird sanctuary! I’d be busy taking pictures. Hope the Dashwoods get along with these avian visitors. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I knew — no, I hoped — you would have photos of the owls, and there they are. They are such darling birds. It must be a thrill to see them every year. I wonder if the great blue heron’s involved in nesting? They will build nests in trees here. Of course, he could just be hanging out, taking in the scenery from “up above.”

    Most of these we never see. At least, we see them only as they pass by during migration. I’ve seen exactly one Baltimore oriole in my life, and some of these not at all. Of course, we have our birds that don’t make it up your way, too.

    I didn’t realize you like basketball. My mother was quite a basketball player in her time. Her high school team won a state championship. I didn’t have any rooting interest in the NBA finals, but now I’ll root for Toronto. I’d like to see someone knock off the Warriors anyway — it might as well be “your” team!


    1. Linda,

      By now probably you’ve heard: We won the NBA! We meaning We The North, the Toronto Raptors, making NBA history and franchise history. Mind you, there’s only one Canadian NBA team. How we need to have some good news in our country, esp. ones that can give our economy a boost. 🙂

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      1. I did hear, and I was happy for it. I hope the celebrations are filled with pride and happiness, and not marked by some of the foolishness that we seem to indulge in down here!


  6. I so enjoy your nature photos! I have had such a busy couple years I have been slack in keeping up here, but I am finally settling in to a new home in the country. I got to enjoy the song of one of my favourite birds for the first time in a long time this spring, the white throated sparrow. It was glorious!


    1. Michelle,

      Good to hear from you again. Hope the past couple of years have been good for your art and career. A new home in the country? That should be wonderful source for future artworks!


  7. Ooooo! Great photos. The little fluff ball is so cute! I miss our babies. The trees where the parents used to nest were cut down so we don’t get to see babies every year like we used to.

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