Midsummer Colours

As I look through my photos taken in the past few weeks, I find that the prominent colours are yellow and green. We don’t have bright red birds like the cardinal, so, I’ve long settled for yellow, green and blue as my summer colours.

Two goldfinches made my day, vibrant golden yellow. They seemed not to be bothered by my presence as they were too busy with their breakfast:

well except this one with attitude:

Another sort of yellow, unintended, for I was aiming at the wren. Only when I uploaded the photo did I notice the lichen on the stump:

Sometimes, an accidental shot needs not be deleted. Why, this looks like an impressionist painting to me:

This one most symbolic, for the colours yellow and blue remind me of a war-torn country with millions of her people fleeing from their homeland. May this tiny yellow warbler, always so full of life and song, be a symbol of resilience for the ravaged country of Ukraine:


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20 thoughts on “Midsummer Colours”

    1. I sure hope that the initial shock of war in Ukraine a few month ago doesn’t become ‘normalized’ and pray that the same fate won’t befall Taiwan.


  1. Your goldfinches are beautiful, but I do love the wren in flight. And that sure looks like goldenrod in bloom in your first set of photos. It will be weeks before we begin seeing that; I’ve seen that it’s beginning to bloom in Ontario, too. Maybe the shorter days farther north encourage it earlier.

    You’re so lucky to be able to see truly gold finches, too. They come down here, but never in their breeding plummage; it’s rare for us to see a colorful one.


    1. I’ve never seen a goldfinch that’s not golden yellow. Never thought that what I see in the summer here isn’t what you’d see in the winter… or vice versa. Interesting. 😉

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  2. I’ve noticed that the goldfinches in my garden are some of the least bothered by my being around. I love your color scheme — Sometimes I notice that “too many” of the flowers in my camera roll are yellow, and I don’t make the most of the situation! It seems I wrote a blog post once after researching why the earliest wildflowers seem to be mostly yellow, but I can’t remember why it was. And we are not in the time of the earliest wildflowers, are we?? Maybe the late summer wildflowers are also more in the yellows…


    1. Our fall is purely golden and yellow as we don’t have the maple trees here so, not a lot of red but shades of rusty yellow and lush gold when the deciduous trees change their colour.

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  3. I love goldfinches. They like the coneflowers in my garden and I enjoy watching them land on the plants and hold on as the flowers bob up and down while they eat the seeds. Gorgeous photo of the wren and lichen!

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    1. Love their colour. But all the more I hope to get some good pics of the Baltimore Oriole which isn’t easy to find but I did see one earlier this year in that area.

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  4. Your highlighting of yellow and green made me think of a comment the DOP noted in the first scenes of The Shire (in ‘Fellowship of the Ring’) where they realized they need more yellow grading to warm up the scene. Love your portraits of feathered friends in this post.

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    1. How wonderful to be connected (at least in thought) to The Shire, Middle Earth! I need to go back to rewatch TLOTR, well especially with the new series coming out in Sept. Thanks for stopping by the Pond and throwing in your two pebbles! 🙂


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