Time’s 25 Best Blogs 2009

Just when Arti is wondering how to spend the next 48 hours before Sunday’s Academy Awards, an incoming link pops up on her dashboard.  It is a blog talking about Time’s recent selection of  25 Best Blogs for 2009.   A stroke of glamour no less than the golden Oscar flashes across Arti’s muddled mind… huh, Ripple Effects got linked to what?  The researcher in Arti quickly heeds the call to check it out.   No, Ripple Effects is not on the list.  Slap, slap, wake up, this is the real world now… it’s just that one of Ripple Effects’ posts got linked by WordPress’ auto-generated linking mechanism.  In the huge blogosphere out there, being chosen as one of the top 25 blogs is just got to be harder than winning the Oscars.  What am I thinking.

For those interested in the curious case of  Time’s 25 Best Blogs of 2009, here is the list and the subject matter of the blogs:

  1. Talk Points Memo — Political
  2. The Huffington Post — Political
  3. Lifehacker — “Tips and downloads”
  4. Metafilter — Wikiweblog
  5. The Daily Dish — Atlantic Andrew Sullivan’s Political blog
  6. Freakonomics — NY Times Stephen Dubner and Levitt, Economics
  7. BoingBoing — Technology and fringe culture
  8. Got2BeGreen — Environment
  9. Zen Habits — Self-help and motivational
  10. The Conscience of a Liberal:  NY Times Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate, Economics
  11. Crooks and Liars — Political
  12. Generación Y — Political
  13. Mashable — Social Networking
  14. Slashfood — Food
  15. The Official Google Blog — Business
  16. synthesis — opinions & ideas
  17. bleat — life in retro
  18. /Film — Films and Video Games
  19. Seth Godin’s Blog — Marketing
  20. Deadspin — Sports
  21. Dooce — Heather Armstrong on a female life
  22. The Pioneer Woman — Ree Drummond on a female pioneer life
  23. Said the Gramophone — Music
  24. Detention Slip — cheat sheet for education news
  25. Bad Astronomy — in praise of real science

So, here they are, your celebrities, the blockbusters of the blogosphere, some attracting millions of page views per month, the Hollywood Oscar scene of blogging.  But I must say I regret to see there are no blogs on the list that are dedicated to the arts or books.  Further, hats off to all those who write in obscurity, like many of my favorites.  They are the solitary bloggers who quietly express their views towards life’s issues, or share their love of a book, response to a film, or simply capture a moving moment, blogs that deserve to be read just the same as the blockbusters.

Maybe there needs to be an indie blogging recognition, like in the film industry, an Independent Spirit Award for bloggers who write and toil just for the simple pleasure of observing, expressing, sharing, and celebrating the essence of being human.  No glamour, no red carpet.


P.S.  Ok, they have the red carpet too at the Spirit Awards and glamour automatically comes with that I suppose… Anyway, I’m sure you get my point.