Nature Photography

For some reasons, staying out here in the country, with all the quiet and almost static serenity, does not induce me to spend more time reading, or even on quiet meditations.  I’ve been so busy commuting, and if I’m around the log home, I’d be busy observing and appreciating the natural environs here, taking it all in by means of photography. 

I have been using mainly my pocket digital Panasonic camera, haven’t even had time to sit down to learn how to use the Nikon which I’ve also brought along.  For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with some snap shots…hopefully one of these days I’d be able to use a real camera, and a zoom lens, for more serious photography.  Here are some snap shots of my surroundings.

Good fences make good neighbors: 

The shack between the wires:

A country sunset:

Rock samples:



The building material:


Golden sunset:


What I have are images, but no words came.  The literary doesn’t come naturally to me I suppose.  With these sights and sounds, I hope the poetics would come sooner or later…


More pictures from my log home can be found in these posts:  From a Country Garden, and Summer Indulgence.

Summer Indulgence (2008)

No, this is not a movie. It’s real life. I’ve to move to make way for some major renovations in our house. For a month or so, Arti the urbanite is living in the country. My summer abode is a log home amidst acres of farmland, at the foot of the Rockie Mountains in Alberta, Canada.  I have fresh air, big blue sky, quiet neighbors, and magnificent views. The following are some pictures of my summer indulgence.

The little big house on the Prairie:

Little big house on the Prairie


My view:


My quiet neighbors:



My other quiet neighbor:


My visitors:



There’s no water for me to make ripples.  I’ll have to create sketches in the wind.  I’m gratified by the views and the solitude I’m granted here in the open country.  But there are costs:  no TV, no Internet, the commuting to the City (about an hour’s drive), unwanted house guests: mice and other rodents.  As much as I yearn to embrace nature, I confess I’m no Thoreau or Dillard…I just can’t live without modern conveniences, nor can I survive without the Internet.  How can I be a recluse and stay away from the blogging community for a whole month!?

So here’s my list of survival gears:

Electronic gadgets:  A 7″ portable DVD player, a couple of cameras, my laptop, and of course, my BlackBerry.  I’ll have to drive to the nearest town to find Internet access.

DVD’s I brought with me:  Sketches of Frank Gehry, Paris, Je T’Aime, Life As A House, Fargo, The Hours, Wordplay, The Namesake…plus some titles I need to preview for a Film Festival.

Books:  My current reading list includes The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Persuasion by Jane Austen, and two books by Robert K. Johnston, Reframing Theology and Film, and Reel Spirituality: theology and film in dialogue.

Also, I intend to visit the nearest town and explore some arts and crafts stores and yes, they have a public library there…I won’t feel so alienated after all.