Pictures at an Exhibition

I didn’t go to Paris for these, but Vancouver, B.C.   I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery for their exhibition “French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950” in March this year. Here’s a description from their poster:

The works in French Moderns exemplify the avant-garde movements that defined Modern art from the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries, tracing a formal and conceptual shift from depicting the pictorial to evoking the idea, from a focus on naturalism to the ascendance of abstraction.



Before the art, there’s the architecture and interior, an art piece in itself:

Interior VAG.jpg



Some of the works with their description:


Edgar Degas.jpg



Claude Monet, Rising Tide at Pourville, 1882. Along the Normandy coast.



Eugène Louis Boudin, mentor of Monet. Sur les bords de la Touques, 1895.

IMG_7506 (1).jpg

Berthe Morisot, Madame Boursier and Her Daughter, c. 1873.




Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Still Life with Blue Cup, c. 1900



Camille Jacob Pissarro, The Climb, Rue de la Côte-du-Jalet, 1875.


Henri Matisse, Flowers, 1906



Gabriele Münter, Nightfall in Saint-Cloud, 1906. (Don’t you wish nightfall is like this?)


Paul Cézanne, The Village of Gardanne, 1885-86.

I like this one the most:

IMG_7521 (1)

Marc Chagall, The Musician, c. 1912-14



This is my last post for Paris in July, 2019, hosted by Tamara at Thyme for Tea.

PIJ2019 Tamara

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