Sign of Spring: Nesting

Here are my photos for Saturday Snapshot April 20.

Spring is always a slow emergence for us. There’s still snow on some trails, and no green leaves or flowers for another month. But a sure sign of spring is birds nesting.

Canada Geese scouting for nesting spots and guarding them closely:

Guarding the nest

And here’s one well nestled inside a tree:

Canada Goose inside tree

This one just wants to show off as spring spirit unfurls.

Showing off

Remember the Papa Great Horned Owl I spotted a month ago? Just last week I saw Mama Owl nesting in the cavity of a dead tree, poking out just enough for me to take her picture. Other birdwatchers told me there were several young ones. Hopefully soon I’ll get to see them come out.

Owl nesting

But nothing compares to the utter joy of seeing the Great Blue Herons yesterday. I had never thought I would see them right here in Alberta. But I found them following some directions to their nests, had to watch them from afar though as we were separated by The Bow River:

Great Blue Heron nests from afar

About a dozen nests high up on the trees:

Great Blue Heron Nests

My patience paid off as I waited and finally saw the Herons come out of their nests. Just to stretch their legs:

Great Blue Heron Flying

Just stretching

Just stretching the legs

Again, from afar, they were black against the pale blue sky, too far for me to see clearly. Not until after I uploaded onto my computer and cropped them could I see a bit of their details. They look magical, albeit still blurry.

And yes, they are blue:

Pale blue


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