Personality Meme

Thanks to Dorothy of Of Books and Bicycles, I was tagged for this meme.  I’m to write seven personality traits to describe myself, then pick seven other bloggers to do the same.  And I get the chance to put this little emblem on my post:


Now, this is risky business.  But, all for the sake of pure summer fun, I’m going to plunge in.  So, after some thinking through, here are several bold strokes of Arti’s self-portrait:

1.  As my blog name and subheading suggest, I thrive on delayed resonance and hindsight.  I’ve written a post on this before: I’m a slow blogger.  That means I like to mull things over, chew and digest before I write down anything.  And I edit myself, over and over again.  Good food takes time to prepare, I take that to heart.

2.  Hey, but I’m no dawdler.  I’m not slow in say, movement.  I’m always punctual, or even early for appointments.  I’d rather be waiting than being waited for or on.  I know… my husband probably would not agree.  But then again, who knows me more than me, right?

3.  I’m a thinker more than a doer.  Don’t be mistaken that I’m being idle if you see me doing nothing.  I’m thinking… and that’s hard work.  I admit, that may not be very fruitful.  If you don’t actually plant, you won’t get the fruit.  Like, I think about exercising a lot, rather than doing it.  And what do I reap?  Some unwanted results… now that’s ironic.  What did I do to earn them?

4.  But if I have to engage in physical activities, I’d rather be shoveling snow than vacuuming the floor.  Love the outdoors.  And, I’d rather be walking than running, running than swimming.  Love to plant my feet on solid ground.  So, that means I’d rather be hiking on a mountain than sailing in the open sea.  That’s what decades of living in the foothills of the Rockies do to you.

5.  But, as a thinker, I do that best sitting or lying down.  The best thoughts I get usually come when I just wake up in the morning.  Alpha state, I think.  So, that just leads to a shortcoming of mine:  I can’t think on my feet that well.  That makes me a planner.  I have to plan my moves, what to say, how to say it… etc.  But I admit there are times that I do blurt out in the most inappropriate moments, but those are times I act out of character.  Oops, I’ve got more than one point here… just shows how organized I am.

6.  I’m observant, I’ve been told.  And I agree.  But I like to be called perceptive more.  I like to look beyond the surface and research on things, and people.  On a personality and career match survey, they might put me in for the job of ‘Profiling with the FBI’.  But maybe this is what all those decades of TV and movie watching do to you.

7.  You’ve heard of the phrase ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’.  Well, I wish I were like that… that will be the ticket to getting things done for you.  I’m afraid I’m just the opposite.  I’m more like ‘velvet face behind the iron mask’.  I may look stubborn on the surface, but I’m too easily swayed in heart.  Alas, that’s Arti’s major flaw.

Now, to pass on this great privilege of honing some self-knowledge and sharing with people who are always supportive, here’s my list of the seven recipients of this Personality Meme.  This is purely for mid-summer fun, like chatting around a virtual campfire.  No obligations, no pressure.  I know some of you are tied up around this time, so… feel free to pass, you won’t be asked to sing.

In alphabetical order:

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Molly Mavis of Visual Dialogue


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