Saturday Snapshot July 13: Where are they now?

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A few weeks before the worst flooding in our City’s history, I saw these baby Mergansers having a great time by the Bow River with their Mom. Where were they when the flood came? And where are they now?

Here, let me get closer for you to hear what they were saying that one fine day…

“Ok, our goggles on, we’re ready.”

Ok guys, got your goggles on?“Let’s get going.”

Let's get going“Hey you with the camera… what are you looking at? Don’t you know she’s a tough act to follow?”

Hey you with the camera, what are you looking at“Ok kids, do as I do. I dive, you dive.”

Mom's a hard act to follow“I skim, you skim.”

I skim, you skimHope they’re still skimming and diving in some clear, calm water.


The following photo was taken just a few days ago. Somebody had the good sense to lighten up in the aftermath of the disaster. I shot this looking down from a high bridge onto the muddy bank of the Elbow River . At first I had trouble spotting exactly what we were supposed to be happy about. But later, my heart lifted as I silently thanked the anonymous rock gatherer(s). Yes, to all:



And the well wishes extend to all those Down Under as well… a safe and happy winter!


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