Ottawa: The Calm before the Storm

I was in Ottawa two days before our PM Stephen Harper went over to the GG house Rideau Hall to announce that he was dissolving Parliament and that we’d be heading to the polls October 14. Everything looked calm and quiet outside 24 Sussex Drive, the Harper residence:


As a Westerner, this is only my second visit to our nation’s capital, all due to the fact that our son is attending university in Ontario. So, this is our second year sending him off. After 30 some years in Canada, I’ve been hiding out in the West until now. Is this indicative of western alienation? Umm… Hard to say, but the truth is, I’d been to Washington, D.C. even before I set foot in Ottawa. All you Ontario folks, I know what’s on your mind: From the West, eh?

No matter, I’m just as proud and impressed now that I’ve seen the Parliament buildings and other honourable establishments of our nation. Here are some of them.

The Parliament Building:

The Parliament and the Library from The Ottawa River:


And for someone whose only contact with the court of law is from watching Boston Legal, actually setting foot in The Supreme Court of Canada is truly an awesome experience:





Other landmarks: Chateau Laurier


Notre-Dame Basilica


The Museum of Civilization


              Au revoir Ottawa … Now, let the Games begin.



All pictures taken by Arti of Ripple Effects

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