The Ripple Rating System

At long last, a clarification on the Ripple Rating System.

First, some FAQ.

Q:  Why do the movies you review on your blog mostly get 3 Ripples, only a few 2.5 Ripples, and very few 4 Ripples?

A:  I love films, but my time is also precious.  So I usually pick those which I think I’ll enjoy, or which I’m curious about before I go see them.  I’m a selective movie goer, as most people are.  The same is true for readers picking which books they’ll read, or music lovers which song to buy…The ratings reflect whether I’ve made the right choice, in a way.  So far, I haven’t come across many that compel me to give 4 Ripples… but there are a few…

Q: How do you know which movies you’ll enjoy?

A:  I read about them, know the background first…sometimes, I go to the source material and read the book on which a movie is based.  I particualrly like to do this because I’m interested in the process of turning Book Into Film … Other times, I go to see the movie first, and then read the book if I am particularly moved.

Of course, the Ripples reflect personal resonances.  Nevertheless, they are given after considerable critical analysis and evaluation, and hopefully do not come out as mere impulse.  They might stir up ripples among my readers too, and that’s what the comment box is for.

I like NY Times movie critic A. O. Scott’s statement in his introduction to the book The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made:

This collection is more likely to start arguments than to settle them, argument being one of the solemn duties of criticism and, more importantly, one of the great pleasures of movie-going.”

You are welcome to express your opinion. But please comment in a way that shows your respect for other readers and yourself.

So here it is, Arti’s Ripple Rating System explained:

~ Ripple               = Stay away, I did

~ ~ Ripples         = Manage your time better

~ ~ ½ Ripples     = Average, Okay

~ ~ ~ Ripples     = Good, worth seeing

~ ~ ~ ½ Ripples  = Superior, must-see

~ ~ ~ ~ Ripples  = Almost Perfect