Saturday Snapshot: Blue Moon Rising

… well almost, since I took these photos on August 19, one day before the actual blue moon appearing. But I was awe-struck just the same. Knowing nothing about the astronomical phases at that time except simply captivated by the beauty of the rising moon while birding, I took these photos.

Not until the next night did I learn about the Blue Moon, elated that I had caught the moonrise serendipitously the day before. Here’s a shortened sequence:

Moonrise 1Moonrise 2Moonrise 4

Moonrise 5Moonrise 6Moonrise 7Moonrise 9Once in a blue moon, I can get the date right. But I’m happy just the same to have hit it a day early out of the blue. Why, the next night was cloudy. So this is a blue moon for me.

All photos on this post taken by Arti of Ripple Effects.



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