The Oscar Results 2008

Kodak Theater L.A.

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Well I didn’t get to see my favorites winning an Oscar, as expected. But it was exciting seeing them walk down the red carpet and seated in the Kodak Theatre as nominees. For a full list of Oscar winners, you can go to the official Oscars website.

I’m glad to see Juno’s Diablo Cody getting the Best Original Screenplay, and Atonement receiving a nod for Best Original Score. As predicated by many, this year’s Oscars belong to those that portray the killer instinct, with No Country for Old Men grabbing the major ones: Best Picture, Best Director(s), Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Daniel Day-Lewis winning the Best Actor Oscar for There Will Be Blood. The Bourne Ultimatum getting three golds, that’s a little surprise.

I’ve enjoyed the E Talk pre-Oscar show with Ben Mulroney interviewing stars on the red carpet. I just love 65 year-old Julie Christie’s answer to the question about the age disparity in her friendship with Sarah Polley, the 29 year old director of Away From Her: “She’s the old one, I’m the juvenile.” The lady sure has some wit.

What impress me most are the credits and tributes many of these Hollywood celebrities give to their mother and father for their achievement. My admiration goes out to them for that. Here are a few that I’m really fond of:

  • It’s heart-warming to see Javier Bardem honoring his mother and thanking her in Spanish during his acceptance speech.
  • Another one is Daniel Day-Lewis, acknowledging his grandfather, father, and his sons. How sweet is that?
  • While still on the red carpet, Jason Reitman, director of Juno, gives the ultimate credit to his mom and dad, acknowledging that everything he is today he owes it to his parents, and getting a kiss from dad Ivan Reitman for that.
  • And Diablo Cody, screenwriter for Juno, thanking her parents for accepting her the way she is…

These are just some examples I remember, and I’ll remember them for a while.

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6 thoughts on “The Oscar Results 2008”

  1. I watched the show with interest, too. In Saturday’s Calgary Herald, I read one movie critic who observed that nearly all of the films nominated for Best Picture seemed to portray a theme of alienation (except Juno). He went on to note that with only the exception of the Cohen duo, all of the directors were directing their first major feature film, and were from outside the Hollywood mainstream.
    Certainly this is the trend, of late: more independent films being made. The only major studio that I know of, having also noted this trend is Miramax. They have taken some films of this nature “under their wing” and helped with production and distribution.
    I haven’t seen any of the films yet, but am looking forward to seeing “Enchanted” and “Attonment.”
    I also would like to see “There will be Blood,” and “No Country for Old Men.”


  2. I also want to see the “Diving Bell and the Butterfly.”
    Of course, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful gowns; my favorite was Kate Blanchet (sp?) who won best actress last year for her portrayal of Elizabeth. She presented the Best Actor award. Her dress, a rich, deep, red satin, had sleeves of silver-sparkly jeweled fabric. She looked regal, indeed.


  3. bibliophylia: Yes, I agree that Daniel Day-Lewis is a deserving winner. I was a bit disappointed at the little recognition Atonement received though.

    Micheline: I think you meant Helen Mirren, not Cate Blanchett. And yes, do go see all the movies you mentioned, but I think you’d particularly enjoy The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Atonement.


  4. Usually I do something during the Oscars – read, knit, answer emails, write letters, etc. This year I found myself watching the ceremony closely. Unlike some critics, Entertainment Weekly for one, I thought this year’s ceremony was spot on. For the first time I had no idea who would win, and there were so many tender moments, that I felt true delight for the winners.


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