Motherhood and Music

This just happened over the weekend…

It was your typical wedding banquet. The elegant ballroom, the thirty some round tables tastefully decorated, the introduction of the wedding party, the welcoming of out-of-town guests, the buffet, the clinking of glasses…

All the usual stuff at your usual wedding celebration…until…the mother of the groom played Tchaikovsky at the piano.

As a promising, award-winning pianist in the then North Vietnam years back, her talent and future were stifled under the harsh political climate. Thanks to the sponsorship of a Canadian church, the family immigrated to Canada, starting a new life in freedom.

Not long after that, a tragic work-related accident claimed the life of the father. The mother continued to run the family business and raised her young children all by herself, instilling in them the love of music, while laying aside her own musical career…

Until, as a most moving gift of love, she practiced again for her son. On his wedding day, as the lights dimmed, she walked over to the grand piano in the banquet hall, and played with such depth of expression and poignancy, two selections from Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons, May: White Night, and June: Barcarolle. The 300 guests were silent, mesmerized, deeply moved…then the standing ovation.

The love of a mother, the power of music … what a wonderful way to bring up a child, what a remarkable beginning of a marriage.


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10 thoughts on “Motherhood and Music”

  1. I’m always so excited when people can either sing or play an instrument … I’d love to have that talent, how cool of a moment that would have been to see!


  2. Such a lovely, mixed-media entry. I linked to some music in my current post rather than embedding, but have done both. Sometimes, you simply must have the music to make the point!

    Regards, Linda


  3. thegirlfromtheghetto: Yes, I think it’s much more enjoyable and fufilling if one can make music than just listening to it.

    onlyanovel: Maybe someone should write a script with their story!

    shoreacres: Music sure has unspeakable power…added with love, a potent combination indeed.


  4. Music is so powerful. It never leaves even when we can’t play as we want. Thanks for sharing this story. Love it.
    And also thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog.


  5. While watching the Youtube video, listening to the music. I can just imagine how beautiful the image will be. Thanks for painting the picture with such vivid descriptions. This is the best gift a mother can give to the new couple.


  6. Hello!!!

    This is a funny surprise…

    The woman in your story is my Aunt. I am the groom’s cousin!!! Well done stranger. I approve =).



  7. Virginia: Thanks for stopping by…I’m glad you find my post a pleasant surprise. Yes, that was a memorable night. Well, just let me remain as one anonymous and appreciative wedding guest.

    Now that you’ve found my blog, you’re most welcome to explore in here…hopefully more serendipitous finds!


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