Golden Globes 2010

I love quotes.  So instead of checking out who wore who, I was more interested in who said what as I watched the Golden Globes last night. Of course, I was curious to see who won what.  There was no major sweep, but Avatar took the two most coveted ones, Best Picture and Best Director.  And then there were the unexpected ones.  For a list of the winners, you can click here to go to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s official website.

But here are the quotes of the night that I find most interesting.  Among all of Ricky Gervais’ jokes, prepared and improvised, which can be dismissed the next minute, this one seems to have a stronger aftertaste. When introducing the Best Screenplay Award, referring to what’s more important, he quipped, “It’s not the words but how good you look when saying them.”

And for the winner of that writing award, I’m glad to see Up In The Air get to bring home the Globe, shared by both Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, in their adaptation of Walter Kirn’s novel. Montreal born Reitman delivered an endearing speech, giving credits to the most important people in his life.  “… people like how I write women.  I can never write women who wasn’t for my wife. You are the fuel to my creative fire, Michelle.”

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And to his parents, director Ivan Reitman and actress Genevieve Robert, he left with these words: “… you taught me how to be the man I am… to be the storyteller that I am.  I love you.  I thank you for everything.”  I think his films show his parents had done a pretty good job.

Meryl Streep won the Best Actress Globe for a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, for her role as Julia Child in Julie and Julia.  She started off with this most interesting line: “I just want to say that in my long career, I’ve played so many extraordinary women, I’m being mistaken for one.”

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Remembering her mother, who was not unlike Julia Child, Streep noted her ‘joy in living’.  And if she ever needed a new image, she wished to be called ‘T-Bone Streep’.  Ah… the power of Julia Child.

And then there’s this line from Robert Downey Jr., who won the Best Actor Award, Comedy or Musical, for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, quoting Arthur Conan Doyle:

“Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms.”

Of course he was just joking when he said: “I don’t have anybody to thank.” But besides the people he did mention, he forgot Sherlock himself.

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The most thought-provoking speech of the night comes from Martin Scorsese, who received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his contribution as an iconic filmmaker.  He quoted William Faulkner’s words:

“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.”

I like his perspective in acknowledging that they are all living history, continuing and in debt to the works of pioneers and pathfinders in filmmaking.  “We’re all walking in their footsteps everyday, all of us.” Herein lies humility, a most apt reminder for all in attendance at the glitzy Beverly Hilton ballroom.

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8 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2010”

  1. Not being a film buff, I rarely pay any attention to the award shows, but I have certainly enjoyed these excerpted quotes you’ve collected 🙂 Thanks!

    You’re most welcome… that’s what Ripple Effects is for. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment even not being a film buff!



  2. Great quotes, they make me think.

    Here in Hong Kong, we got to watch the Golden Globe Awards live as well. I talked to my Canadian friend on the phone during those commercial breaks, it was fun.

    Looking forward to seeing ‘Up In The Air’ & “A Single Man’ next month.

    Thanks for your write up of the GG.

    Molly Mavis,

    A big welcome back to the blogosphere! I’m glad you got the chance to follow the Globes too, the prelude to the Oscars. I look forward to seeing your photography on your blog Visual Dialogues in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!



  3. What a delight to find Scorsese not only quoting Faulkner, but quoting one of my favorite Faulkner lines. I didn’t fully appreciate that line until I went to Mississippi – the past certainly isn’t dead, there.

    What tickles me most about this post is its reminder of how you’ve changed my life. Last year I hadn’t seen a single one of the nominated films, and didn’t know about most of them. This year, I’ve seen two of the winning films.

    All silly comments about old dogs and new tricks cheerfully accepted 😉


    You’re too modest… you’re the one who’s leading us to explore new horizons on your blog. But I’m glad you’ve come to the world of motion pictures. I’m still learning everyday the new tricks needed to appreciate how films interpret our world, or even create new ones. Movies are just too pervasive and influential a medium to ignore. Serious notes aside, I’m sure you’ll find watching movies is as relaxing and enjoyable as riding the waves aboard Isla.

    As for Faulkner, yes I remember he’s on your sidebar. I think It takes humility to acknowledge what others have done for you, and that we’re beneficiaries of others’ ingenuity. I’m glad to hear such sentiments expressed on an occasion where the successful bask in the limelight of mutual congratulations.



  4. Arti, it’s my first time watching the GG in it’s entirety. My favorite acceptance speech of the night belongs to Sandra Bullock who won best actress for The Blind Side. “…. your family is not who you’re born to, or what color you are, it’s whose got your back…” and among other people she thanked her husband “…. it’s no surprise that my work got better after I met you because I never know what it was like to have someone at my back.” I was never a fan of hers, but I think she nailed it in this one. If you have a chance do go see it.


    Thanks for the link. While there at HP, I found that they have an app for the iPhone even, so I downloaded it. I’m a fan of these award shows, the GG, and now the SAG, culminating to the grand finale, the Oscars on March 7. Lots more speeches to appreciate!



  5. I’ll be seeing “Up in the Air” Monday with Inge, finally (even though she’s no Clooney fan; I keep trying to get her to open up about that).

    We just happened upon the Golden Globes – I’m so out of the loop. And I loved watching them. I relish seeing the actors sitting around round tables informally, so much nicer than the stadium arrangement in the Kodak Theater.

    I was very touched by Streep’s speech and replayed it for Don. I thought Gervais was very funny, and I found Downey refreshing.

    I wonder how Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will do co-hosting the Oscars.


    You know, this is one movie for non-Clooney fans. I’m sure Inge will enjoy it. I’d like to see what you think of the movie after you’ve seen it, and Inge’s view too!

    As I’m responding to your comment, I’m watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards (got to multi-task, you know.) The Oscars of course is the climax… we’ll see what the comedic duo will do to liven up the annual tradition.



  6. I really like your perspective here. I hadn’t thought to pay such attention to the thank yous, imagining they would probably be trite, but not at all. Although I do hope that Robert Downey Jr sticks to just having art running through his blood, and that that’s enough strangeness to satisfy him. I quite agree that art is powerful and ought to be potent enough for anyone!


    I think the acceptance speech could well be a true indication of what kind of image that actor wants to project because it’s scripted by nobody else but him/herself. Yes I say image because you’ll never know what’s really genuine, but you can still sense it though. Like Reitman’s thanks expressed to his wife and parents, that’s quite heartfelt I think. And I’m always curious to see how they’d carry themselves outside of a movie role. That’s why I enjoy all these awards moments.

    Thanks for stopping by Ripple Effects and leaving your comment. I look forward to some mutual visiting in the future.



  7. Walter Kirn lives in my hometown of Livingston, Montana. His ex-wife used to teach me yoga (Montana can be an odd place to live). I can’t wait to see Up in the Air.


    What an interesting connection. Montana is our neighbor to the south. I’d never imagine the link to that movie!



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