Mother’s Day Picnic

Here we are, our clan of extended family, out for a Mother’s Day picnic.  The weather’s just fine, though a bit chilly.  But for a May afternoon in Cowtown, we think it’s acceptable.


Well you got to eat out some time.  What better day than on Mother’s Day.  Why, our human neighbors have to cook… can smell their Bar-B-Q from far.  What a chore!   Wonder if it’s their Mom who has to clean up.  As for us, even though the grass is a bit dry, at least we don’t have to deal with all that trans fat and high sodium.


Wait, this is just too good to pass up.


And an evening stroll after dinner.  Ahh… Mother knows best.


Hey, who’s that trying to take our pictures?  Haven’t you seen a deer family picnic before?  Oh right, not in your backyard… but, isn’t this our backyard?


A Note About the Photos:  Arti took them in her neck of the woods, the shared backyard with the Deer Family, on Mother’s Day, 2010.  All Rights Reserved.


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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Picnic”

  1. These images are priceless Arti. Well done.

    You must be very close to them when you took these pics. I counted this is a family of 5, they are just lovely.

    Molly Mavis,

    There were at least a dozen. It’s just that they were not grouped together. I waited and waited but couldn’t get a picture with more of them together except the first one. Yes… up close and personal.



  2. That’s a wonderful backyard you have, and some wonderful neighbors.

    Your photos also make clear the difference between … well, between here and there. We’re in full growth and bloom, and a little brown around the edges only because we’re short on rain. It looks like you still have a little time until things green up.

    I do love deer, but we’re becoming overrun with them. I hope yours still have enough foraging area to sustain them – I suspect they do.


    I know… we were having a snow storm just last week! We never plant flowers before Victoria Day here (May 24th) because there’s always a chance of snow and frost. The green will come in due time, and flowers after that.

    We see deer often too, but not as many as I saw yesterday or right in the pathways. It’s a good reminder that we’re sharing the land.

    And about the ‘backyard’… it’s more of a generalization… actually the photos were taken from the periphery of a provincial park adjacent my home. I’d claimed it as ‘my backyard’. It’s more the Deer Family’s home than ‘my backyard’. I’m privileged to be their neighbor.



  3. Great idea to share Mom’s day with the Deer! and they’re lovely. What excellent neighbors, too (I hope!) It’s always a gift to see them. They wander around our suburban woods and often visit our yards. Plant enough for everyone, says my hubs though I’ve learned they’re not fond of geraniums. Still, they stop by.
    So beautiful.
    And on another note, you have WON the copy of HOTEL PASTIS. (stop by my blog – I’m posting it in a few minutes.) In the meantime, if you will send me your address (write me at and I will get it in the mail to you over the weekend!!!!
    Congrats! and thanks for playing. I enjoyed this – for so many reasons.


    1. oh,

      This is just wonderful and thank you! As I mentioned on your blog, I don’t remember winning anything for many years now. And it’s about time I read Peter Mayle. Regardless of that, thinking of which fictional heroine I’d want to be is so much fun. As a Janeite, I’d naturally think of her creations. And who among us wouldn’t want to be Lizzy Bennet? Jane sure knew our psyche, way back then 200 years ago!



  4. What a lovely area to have close to you. Love this Mother’s Day picnic! Great shots…
    We did watch Blindside this weekend and Young Victoria. Really enjoyed both…


    I’m glad you had an enjoyable movie-filled weekend. As for the shots, I was quite disappointed at the quality… I really should get a better camera than just a pocket digital.



  5. It took all day, but I finally snapped to and thought, “Cowtown? But Dallas is Cowtown!”

    I guess you’re Cowtown, too. So, I brought you one of the best cowtown songs ever!

    We’ve just got to be Cowtown… we host the greatest show on earth every July, The Calgary Stampede.


  6. I like that kind of food prep. 🙂 When I was in NYC, they called it “live” food – another word for raw, I guess, but it sounds sexier. So deer eat live food.

    You can’t beat Mother’s Day with Mother Nature and mother does. What a lovely treat.


  7. Wonderful photos, Arti! We see deer occasionally here in the ‘burbs, too. I believe they have been “picnicking” on the hostas. Oh, well.


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