Anna Karenina Read-Along: 10 Pages a Day

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I’ve done the math. From today till the new movie adaptation’s general release (Nov.16) there are exactly three months. So that means finishing this 800 some pages novel needs reading about 10 pages a day. A doable plan.

Here’s the edition I’m using, the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition. Feel free to explore others.

If you are one of the few like me who haven’t gone past that famous first line, now’s the chance to do it together. And for the majority of you who have read it, how about a reread before watching the award-aiming movie directed by Joe Wright of Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Atonement (2007) fame, with Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Johnson, Matthew Macfadyen, Michelle Dockery, Olivia Williams…

Not that we need them to lure us into reading Tolstoy.

Or that we need TIME to tell us Anna Karenina holds the no. 1 spot on their Top Ten Greatest Books of All Time.

I’ve totally enjoyed the camaraderie of a read-along in the Midnight’s Children experience. So, short of going to see the movie together, we can read the book as a virtual book group.

Here’s the simple plan. We’ll divide the eight parts of the book in half and just do two posts in the next three months, about seven weeks apart and from now till the first post:

Post 1: Part One to Four — September 30

Post 2: Part Five to Eight — November 15

A doable plan, isn’t it? Hope you can join in. Let me know in a comment so I can link to your blog. If you’re not a blogger, you can also read-along with us. Join in our discussion with your comment on the day of the posts.

Happy reading!


From your comments, here’s a list of those joining our Anna Karenina Read-Along:

Stefanie of So Many Books

Bellezza of Dolce Bellezza 

Loucas Raptis of The Monster of Wrangellia 

Janell of An Everyday Life

Becca of Becca’s Byline


oh of This Writing Life

… so far. You’re still welcome to join us. Post your thoughts on Sept. 30 and Nov. 11 and/or just hop around to our posts to join in our discussions if you’re not a blogger.


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39 thoughts on “Anna Karenina Read-Along: 10 Pages a Day”

  1. A most do-able plan indeed! I fare better when I read a whole novel all in one go (hence my break down with Midnight’s Children), so I’m going to read this in October and post at the end of that month or the beginning of November. But, I’m so excited to read this with you, Arti! It’s a most beloved book of mine, having read it several times. Also, the edition which you posted is one which I have, and it’s supposed to be a truly exceptional translation. So, hooray for Anna! Hooray for Tolstoy! Hooray for friends reading together!!


    1. Bellezza,

      Glad you can join in… look forward to you review in Oct. You’re a veteran here, so I’ll be delighted to read your thoughts in your rereading. Yes… your enthusiasm is contagious! You have me all roused up and ready to read. Thank you for participating!


      1. Just posted about our read on my blog. SO very excited to read Anna Karenina with you! I just love this novel! It’s never disappointed me yet, and I’ve read it more times than I can remember. This promises to be an outstanding edition, even chosen, I believe, by Oprah once upon a time. For what that’s worth… 🙂


    1. Diane,

      Yes, it’s certainly fun to read a good book together. You can join in the discussion in our posts. I’m sure you still have fresh memory of it. 😉


  2. I’m already trying to race against two other upcoming book-based movies, Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas. The first I’m reading to my 10-year-old daughter (I’ve read it twice on my own), and the second I’m reading to myself. I’d say ten additional pages a day, or twenty and thirty here and there, will make things quite interesting and diversified (as though Cloud Atlas is not varied enough – so far it’s been like reading from a different book every 50 pages or so). I rarely engage in group activities, but I’m curious to see what interesting views this may bring. I will post my thoughts in my blog’s journal. Thank you for the open invitation.


    1. Loucas,

      Yes, exactly the books I’m thinking of reading before the film comes out, Cloud Atlas I mean. I’ve just finished rereading Life of Pi. The movie trailer is magical, have you seen it? I’m glad you’re giving Anna Karenina consideration. I look forward to your sharing. This is only the second group read I’ve involved in. After Midnight’s Children, I know I’ll find this another rewarding experience. Thank you for joining in.


  3. Great minds think alike — not my mind though. Awaiting the films enthusiastically, my daughter has started re-reading the books. Finished Cloud Atlas, and has began Anna K last week. I haven’t read a book for weeks, but I’ll come back for the reviews.


    1. Great! Would your daughter like to join our read-along since she’s already reading. She’s most welcome to join in our discussion and post her thoughts on those two dates. Just leave me a link to her blog when she does. And yes, we’re all waiting to see the films.


        1. Good for you to have watched the film adaptation way before us in N. America. Thanks for coming back and letting us know your and your daughter’s response. I’ll have to hold my opinion until I’ve seen it. But for now, I’ll have to finish the book first. 😉


  4. Arti, this is a brilliant idea. Unfortunately I have already made plans to read Swann’s Way with a couple of friends during September and October. I will definitely be checking in on everyone’s progress with AK. And please keep me in mind for the next group read.


    1. Gavin, I’d be interested to read your thoughts on Swann’s Way. I was choosing between these two books and decided on Anna K. because of the upcoming film. WIll have to read Proust some other time… A film adaptation some day perhaps? 😉


  5. What an adventure you’re embarking upon. I tried to read AK a number of years ago. I got about 600 pages through the 800 or so before giving up. I’m not a great reader of big, big books it must be said. I will look forward to a new movie version though.


    1. Louise,

      I would not have embarked on this venture if I’m just doing it alone. Sure need those little ‘deadlines’ to get through. And also, yes, the new film adaptation, that’s another motivation.


  6. I did try to read this once and got as far as the grass harvesting where I sort of ran out of stamina. But I will be very interested to see what you and your readalong participants make of it, Arti. And yes, readalongs are a lot of fun for the camaraderie!


    1. litlove,

      My only thick book completion is Bleak House. So hopefully this time I can add AK. The only group read I've done (Midnight's Children) has been such an enjoyable experience, albeit at times challenging, so I'm glad and ready to start another one. You're most welcome to stop by and engage in our discussion.


    2. Oh LitLove! I think this is the same place that stalls me in reading AK! I am so tempted to join this readalong if people can cheer me through the boring parts.


      1. Care,

        You’re most welcome to join us. I’m not promising all of us will get through the finish line, but at least, we can enjoy the camaraderie. 😉 And, since it’s a slower-paced read, you just may have time to add this one into your reading list. We’ll only post twice, seven weeks apart, allowing lots of time to complete each section.


  7. Arti,

    I received a shipping note from Amazon yesterday — my copy of AK should arrive in my mailbox Tuesday. And as good fortune happens, its the same as yours.

    But I’ll confess that I’m a little nervous about my being able to cross the finish lines on time. Because I’ll be reading two book club commitments at the same time. Last July I signed on to read John Lanchester’s new novel, Capital- — which, so far, is very good. But I’m greedy, I guess. I couldn’t say no to AK without giving it a go.

    Come what may, I’m excited about the fictional world that awaits us beyond that first tantalizing line.



    1. Janell,

      I’ve started reading now, can’t wait. And I find it very enjoyable. As a slow reader, I’m planning for the least demanding scenario, 10 pages a day. But for you, I’m sure you can handle it much better. Also, this is flexible too… if you can’t get to our designated stop by the posting date, you can always post your thoughts on whatever part you’ve reached at that time. But, I’m sure you’ll want to read more than 10 pages a day… 😉


  8. I always feel a need to read (or re-read) a book before I see any movie adaptation. Thanks for offering a good incentive to do for Anna 🙂 Looking forward to reading along with all of you!


    1. Becca,

      Delighted to have you join us! Look forward to your sharing in your post on the above two dates. But in between, we can always Tweet about our read. 😉


    1. LOL! This 10 page plan is just for those who’d want to go slow (my edition has 817 pages) so that they can still read other titles. And… it’s for such a slow reader as I. I’ve started reading it and I can tell you that I’m doing more than 10 pages a day because it’s such an enjoyable read… so far.


  9. Hello hello! I am a little late but I would like to join in the read-along, please. I also have the Penguin Classics Deluxe Ed. This will be my thrid reading. I’m looking forward to the discussions.


    1. Vanessa,

      Welcome! You’re not late at all, especially when you’ve already read the book twice. Just post your thoughts on Sept. 30 for the first part and in Nov. for the last, and we’ll just have fun. Thanks for stopping by, I’m excited to have you join our little reading group! Before the posting dates and in between, you can tweet about your reading too. Click on my Twitter button on the sidebar and we can chat there. 🙂


  10. Hi Arti – a kindred spirit indeed! I am almost finished Patrick White’s The Eye of the Storm – the film starring Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling and Judy Davis is in select theatres now so I’ve got to get going… I don’t think it will be in theatres long. As soon as I finish I will take you up on your invitation and turn to Anna Karenina – I’ve been debating reading it because the 800 pages are just so daunting but you’ve inspired me. I wont be ready for Sept 30th but I’ll check in with your posts.


    1. Sim,

      I know of this film, have been waiting for it to come to our City but still haven’t seen it arrive yet. I know it was screened at the TIFF a year ago I think, but not here. And I’m so excited that you can join us, after The Eye of the Storm. Don’t worry about posting Sept. 30 if you aren’t ready. But you’re most welcome to stop by and share with us your thoughts. And you know I’ve reread and reviewed Life of Pi just to prep. for the film. You’re welcome to check that out too. Here’s the post. Kindred spirit indeed!


    1. Yes, oh, welcome! You’re in. And, so glad to have you join us! Not too far behind… you still have one week to read 400 pages. Hey, if you can’t finish this first part in reading, still come by Sept. 30 to join in the discussion with whatever portion you’ve finished, and you may want to write a post on your blog about your thoughts and feelings so far. It’s all about the journey and the camaraderie, and not about meeting a deadline. Look forward to your sharing!


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