Saturday Snapshot May 18: The Bow

The Bow is the newest addition to our downtown cityscape. Design architects are the acclaimed, London-based Foster and Partners. This new kid on the block has put Cowtown Calgary on the map as it is recently named one of The World’s Most Spectacular Corporate Buildings by the German building database Emporis.

You can see how spectacular it is on Foster and Partners’ website with their professional presentation. But for Arti, the Cowtown inhabitant roaming in the midst of the buzz and the dust, weaving through busy downtown traffic, these snapshots are personal and authentic, no posing, and believe it or not, shot with just her iPhone:

The Bow 1

The Bow is named after the river that winds through our City. So it’s apt to design the building in a crescent shape, fluid as the river, and shaped like a bow:

The Bow 2

A bit closer now, you can see the art installation in front of the building. It’s a 12 m. tall wire sculpture entitled ‘Wonderland’, created by the renowned Barcelona-based designer Jaume Plensa whose works can be found all over the world:

The Bow 3

It’s the head of a girl, intriguing when you think of the title ‘Wonderland’. Why, of course, it must be a wonder to enter someone’s head. Here, you can do that through a door. See the green balloon inside her nose?



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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

44 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot May 18: The Bow”

  1. Wow — this is a stunning building. Just stunning. So are your photographs. Very nice composition. Would love to go inside the head. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to have an office there — only I probably wouldn’t get any work done; I’d be staring out the window!


    1. Jeanie,

      You know, I haven’t gone inside either… both the building and the head. So, one of these days I will and maybe more wonderful photos inside. From Foster & Partners’ site, the inside is equally stunning.


  2. These pics are absolutely awesome, well done! The Bow definitely stands out in Downtown Calgary. I can’t wait to pose infront of the entrance and tour the building.
    I’m homesick Arti, thank you for keeping me posted.


    1. brokencookiesdontcount,

      I never watch Project Runway. How interesting that this building was featured on that show. Thanks for stopping by the pond. 😉


    1. Kaye,

      From the front you can’t tell whether it’s boy or girl, young or old, just a generic human form. But from the side you can see it’s a girl… from the hair. And soon, you’ll find she’s someone special. Thanks for your comment. 😉


    1. Christine,

      Try clicking on the Foster & Partners site and the link to the artist Jaume Plensa, you’ll really enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. heather,

      You’re so very kind. I’m sure everyone would pick the angle that they like the most… and it’s such an interesting building, plus the art work at front. I highly recommend you go on to the official sites I’ve linked here for both the architects and the artist for some amazing photos.


  3. Beautiful building and stunning architecture, but whenever I see a shiny new tall structure go up I worry about the birds crashing into it.

    That wire sculpture is so unique. I’m loving the displays of pubic art that have been popping up in recent years.


    1. Leslie,

      I’m not sure how many birds there are right in DT. But, we have a Bow River winding around the centre core, and it’s full of shore birds. Wonderful to cohabit with them.


    1. Debbie,

      Oh don’t worry, you probably have heard of the Calgary Flames hockey team, or the Calgary Stampede than this… as with many outside of Canada. BTW, just another tidbit, The Bow is the tallest building west of Toronto. Now, that probably doesn’t sound like much either. Anyway, thanks for stopping by the pond.


  4. That’s one of the most interesting buildings I’ve ever seen. Love the girls head! The balloon looks like she’s got her nose pierced with a green ball!


    1. Melissa,

      You’re right. And the iPhone has an even higher resolution than a lot of pocket cameras too. Really handy that’s for sure. If only it can zoom, and go tele… 😉


      1. There’s a guy I just ran across who does nothing but iPhone photography. I can’t believe the number of apps there are. There’s even a macro lens app. You’re not so interested in processing, but there are some marvelous apps for that, too. One I remember is called Photo Toaster. Just the name makes me laugh!


    1. Lauratfrey,

      I sometimes drive up to Edmonton. It has a beautiful cityscape and river view. I was most impressed by the Art Gallery of Alberta. Next time I visit Edmonton, I’ll be sure to check out the bear in front of the Epcor Tower. 😉


  5. Impressive shots of an impressive building with your iPhone Arti. I don’t think my point and shoot Canon Powershot could have done nearly as well … or maybe in my case the problem is who’s taking the picture. How did the balloon get inside “Wonderland”? Is it possible to go inside that sculpture? I figure it was named “Wonderland” due to Alice.


    1. lameadventures,

      In my description of the sculpture bet. photos 3 and 4, I mentioned that you can enter the head through a door. Actually, there are two doors allowing you to go into the head of the girl. Maybe that’s why it’s ‘Wonderland’, I suppose, literally getting into the head of someone. 😉


  6. I’ve heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you 😉 Well done, you and your iPhone! Very striking architecture. I like the sculpture of the girl’s head, too.


    1. nikkipolani,

      Well, I admit it was impulsive on my part, while driving down that road looking straight at the building (first photo). Glad we always have a camera with us with our phone. 😉


  7. These are wonderful photos, Arti. Since seeing that photo-stitched panorama of the city, I’ve had an entirely different view of Calgary. I’m not sure my view has changed, precisely – I just didn’t really have much in mind when I thought “Calgary”. It was an empty term. You’ve done such a good job of filling it up for me!


    1. Linda,

      You know, there are lots of people who haven’t even heard of Cowtown, and I’m not surprised. Lots more think that above the 49th Parallel is hinterland. I’m not surprised at that either. And, I don’t mind either, because that won’t change my quality of life here. I know what kind of a place this is, good enough for me to be living here for more than 40 years. 😉


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