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I’ve been following this Great Horned Owl family for a few months now. At first I only spotted Papa, later I found Mama nesting nearby, now the two Owlets had come out too. Here’s my recent visit, the first Owlet I saw:

Owlet 1

Here’s the second one. Took me some time to spot:

Owlet 2

I didn’t have the chance to take a family photo, since each of them was on different branches, two adults and two young ones, but never far from each other though. Here you can see one parent (not sure if it’s Mom or Dad) keeping an eye on the owlet from a distance. Can you spot them both?

Parent Owl and Owlet

I love this… staying together, but also giving each other room.


Here’s a family photo I did manage to take, albeit from afar. Two Canada Geese with their Goslings close by:

Canada Geese with Goslings

Ah… the different parenting styles.


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