Saturday Snapshot Nov. 9: Fall or Winter?

This is what our neck of the woods looks like. Autumn still.

Snowy SunsetSnow or no snow, a gal’s gotta eat.

Snow or no snow, a gal's gonna eatEvening meal

Deer at evening mealAnd at the creek…

The Creek

Snow covered logWho’s afraid of a little snow?

Who's afraid of a lil' snowThis Chickadee flew right to me, ‘Welcome to my hood!’

Chickadee“Fall or winter, what does it matter?”

Would you like a tour?


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35 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot Nov. 9: Fall or Winter?”

    1. LA,

      Guess we’ve learned to adapt no matter how low the temp. fall…. And if we don’t like it, we can always fly south. They’re called snowbirds, and they mostly fly to Florida. πŸ˜‰


  1. Oh wow, snow! In November! It looks beautiful, but I bet it’s cold. I love the third picture down, and the colour of those trees against the sky, with the light on them. Thank you for visiting my blog.


    1. Chris,

      You know, usually we have our first snow on Halloween. Actually it’s not that cold when these photos were taken. I was able to walk quite a distance without freezing. But it will dip down to -12C tonight. 😦


    1. Louise,

      You’ll be surprised to hear that many birds stay here in the winter, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Pine Grosbeaks, Woodpeckers, Blue Jays… just like the 1 million inhabitants in this city. We’re all staying put over the winter. πŸ˜‰


  2. My favorite photo’s the closeup of the chickadee. What a sweetie. I noticed the white rump patches on the deer, too. I’ve never paid much attention to them, but the antelope I saw on my trip had them, and big horn sheep have them. A fellow who lives in Montana told me they’re partly a means of visual communication, since they can be seen at such a distance. And, they help us find the animals, too!

    I’ve been watching your temperatures and conditions on weather underground, so I knew you had snow. If I had been one week later, I would have had to contend with it on my trip. Instead, I had perfection. Now, we’re in line for windy and relatively cold this week – lows in the 30s.

    Thanks for such a wonderful collection of turning-of-the-season photos!


    1. Linda,

      The Chickadees are probably the most friendly and common birds we have through the winter. Maybe they know some of us humans carry seeds for them. This one just almost flew into my camera! And they’re so easy to photograph. As for the deer, I think they’re called exactly, white-tailed deer. They are quite common too in my neck of the woods. We’re having snow tonight and the temp. will drop to -12C! How I admire you going on a road trip through those beautiful places, still colorful and bright!


  3. You’ve had a lot of snow already! We had a bit last week but it melted in a little over day since the ground isn’t froze yet and most days remain at least a little above freezing. Very pretty though!


  4. As always, wonderful photos — your part of the world is beautiful. Even though I’m not fond of the white stuff, I do love seeing it on the computer screens in other people’s neighborhoods! I really do love your chickadee shot. Your camera rocks — you are good with it, too!


    1. Jeanie,

      The temp. isn’t that bad even though there’s snow on the ground. I can still go out and walk around for an hour or so every day taking pictures. Thanks for your kind words whenever you come visit. πŸ˜‰


  5. Oh, I’m so cold looking at those pictures! I always find I’m coldest in November before I’ve gotten used to the lower temperatures. By January, I’m totally used to it. But now, I need a blanket! πŸ™‚


    1. Rebecca,

      Actually it’s not that bad in temp., hovering around 0C to -5C. With sunshine, that’s quite pleasant. Although… ah… we’ll dip down to lowest -19C tomorrow. But I’ll be in bed under a warm comforter when it comes. πŸ˜‰


  6. Ah, the snow has begun. The transition seems to happen rather quickly. I love the rich blues in that fourth image with the pristine new snow on the banks. And I can’t resist that adorable (and bold!) chickadee who greeted you. Wonderful capture!


    1. nikkipolani,

      We usually have our first snow by Halloween. So, this is normal for us. As for the chickadee, there are lots of them, very friendly. You know, I’ve been using the tele lens for birds, even for these close-ups.


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