Saturday Snapshot February 1: Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind…

I caught myself singing it. Is it just me, succumbing to these Walter Mitty moments more and more this winter? Humour me, let’s take a minute to just zone out of this persistent cold. I’m sure the warm breeze will revitalize you.

Here are some photos I took last summer. Now, imagine seeing…

A Pelican scratching its itch:A Pelican scratch an itch?

A deer playing peekaboo with you:


Mushrooms growing out of a tree:

Mushrooms growing out of a tree

A Chickadee take flight:

Chickadee in flight

A white spider on a yellow flower:

white spider on flower

Black butterflies on white flowers:

Black on white

An angler fishing at dusk:

Angler at dusk

It’s February already, can spring be far behind?


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Saturday Snapshot Nov. 9: Fall or Winter?

This is what our neck of the woods looks like. Autumn still.

Snowy SunsetSnow or no snow, a gal’s gotta eat.

Snow or no snow, a gal's gonna eatEvening meal

Deer at evening mealAnd at the creek…

The Creek

Snow covered logWho’s afraid of a little snow?

Who's afraid of a lil' snowThis Chickadee flew right to me, ‘Welcome to my hood!’

Chickadee“Fall or winter, what does it matter?”

Would you like a tour?


Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads. CLICK HERE to see what others have posted.


Saturday Snapshot Oct. 27: Birds in the Snow

Yes, it’s snow for us all this week. A strong taste of early winter. But the birds don’t seem to mind. Here they are, Robins hanging out:

This is the attraction… juicy fruits:

But some are just born to work:

With so much food around, I’d rather be a slacker:

Now, roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of winter…


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Saturday Snapshot: Gliding Into The Sunset

On Thanksgiving Monday (Canada, Oct. 8), I stopped by Iona Beach in Richmond, B.C.  On the smooth water illuminated in a golden hue were Mallards gliding into the sunset.

The common Sparrow too was swept in an amber tone. In that frame, nothing seemed common anymore.

And finally, I saw the sun slide down the distant sky. What a sight to wrap up Thanksgiving. If anything’s common… it’s common grace.


Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books.

A Note About These Photos: No colours had been added nor saturation altered in any of them.

Saturday Snapshot August 25: Fifth Blogiversary

Five years ago in this last week of August I started Ripple Effects on WordPress. I still remember that first prompting from my son that I should start a blog.

“What’s that?” I asked.

I just can’t capture all that have come along since then.

To all of you who have visited, subscribed, followed, read, commented, and shown your support and encouragement in ways you might not have realized, I thank you all.

Here’s a cup of latte to celebrate and a teaser: How do you drink the latte without disturbing the beautiful foam art on top?

Well, it was pure serendipity that I managed to do just that. This is the photo during that occasion. I only have the ‘Before’ but not thought of taking an ‘After’ shot. But trust me, it wasn’t a mirage when I got near to the bottom of the cup.

What did I do? I was chatting away with a friend for maybe 10 minutes before I started sipping it slowly. By that time the top foam had been cooled down a bit and slightly ‘dried’. Disclaimer: I haven’t tested it again, but I will. Just to see if it really wasn’t a mirage that I saw.

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books.

Saturday Snapshot & Paris in July

Here are my photos for two blogging events: Saturday Snapshot hosted by At Home With Books and Paris in July over at BookBath.

In August, 2010, I was in Paris, stayed at a small hotel on a side street in the Latin Quarter, across from the Sorbonne. And just recently I was reading the book The Hundred-Foot Journey (my last post). In the book, the protagonist Hassan was offered a place to start his own restaurant, at 11 Rue Valette, near the Panthéon. When I came to that part of the book, I quickly went Googling and found, ta-da! Hassan’s restaurant was within walking distance of the hotel I stayed in.

This is what happens, you fuse together reality and fiction… that’s the joy of reading. And I could even imagine stopping by the restaurant to have a taste of Hassan’s haute French cuisine.

No, I didn’t get to Hassan’s Le Chien Méchant, but found this little cinema not far from our hotel on another narrow side street, Cinema du Panthéon, and it was showing the acclaimed film Des Hommes Et Des Dieux.

I had an urge to go in and watch it, but on second thought, I was in Paris, a French film showing in Paris would probably not have English subtitles.

I did get to see the film Of Gods and Men (2010) when I came back home, French with English subtitles.


Saturday Snapshot June 23

… Amina Sinai and Baby Saleem arrived home in a borrowed Studebaker…

Don’t laugh. But I’d never heard of a Studebaker until I read Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie in recent months.

You can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was for me as I came out of the Book Sale at Crossroads Market. The name on the back of that antique truck had an almost electrifying effect: STUDEBAKER.

Wow here it is, a real-life, bright and shiny Studebaker. From the antique license plate at the front you can see it’s a 55. I know the one that brings Baby Saleem home has to be 1947 or older, and definitely not a farm truck.

Here are the back, side, and front views… exact sequence of my discovery. O what joy. Those two people watching me take photos of it with my iPhone must have thought I was … uh… born yesterday.


Thanks to Alyce of At Home With Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot… for keeping my eyes peeled, making finding a farm truck as exciting as watching a sunset.