Saturday Snapshot April 26: Within a Budding Grove

I just can’t resist. Having seen life bursting out in the spring forest, I’ve an urge to borrow Proust’s title here. But unlike Proust’s magnificent work, within the budding grove where I go birding, everything is stark literal, direct and visceral. No need for metaphors. Alive, chirping, calling, even confronting…

Robins stay here in the winter, but they keep quiet and hidden. Good to see energy recharged:


Or simply posturing. Here’s one Angry Bird:

Angry Bird

In contrast, the Cedar Waxwings are more elegant, embracing the sun with poise and panache:


Cedar Waxwing 2

And there are other beautiful creatures with wings, in much simpler form but no less elegant:


The woods are lovely, but the main draw is the Owl Family. Again, another sighting of Papa amidst the budding grove, silently keeping watch…

Papa keeps watch

over this trunk from a short distance, so not to draw attention to the nest I suppose:

Owlets in nest inside trunk

Can you see them?

Here they are … a closer look. Two Owlets born shortly before Easter. Mom is in there, probably taking a much needed nap. This is a different pose from the one I posted on Easter Sunday:


What does this make you think of? For me… Mt Rushmore.

Within a budding grove, surprises abound.


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37 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot April 26: Within a Budding Grove”

    1. Courtney,

      This wood could be your daughter’s wonderland. The Mama and Papa Owls have been coming back to the exact tree trunk to nest every spring.


  1. It’s taken until today to remember what my mother used to say to me when I was argumentative, cranky or just generally unpleasant: “Don’t be so owly.” I wonder how these wonderful creatures ended up in a phrase like that?

    The camouflage is amazing. It takes a good look to figure out where the tree ends and the owlets begin.


    1. Linda,

      What we’re seeing is the owl’s calmest state. I’m sure these young ones will learn to defend themselves soon from their Papa. The woods are full of potential dangers. One birder had seen a Canada Goose trying to take over their nest and the Papa fiercely defended it. Look at the Angry Bird in the post. That could be another state of temperament for any living creature. 😉


    1. Anne,

      The woods are within a provincial park right in our city’s boundary. It’s a boreal forest. The owl family lives about 15 mins. drive from my home. It’s a blessing to have them as neighbours.


  2. Such amazing photos. Love the owlets. I’ll be at Mt. Rushmore on Tuesday so I’ll let you know if I see the resemblance! 🙂


  3. Wow, Ellen you’ll be sort of close to me. I live west of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I grew up in Rapid City SD, visited Mt Rushmore often. The owlets do look carved of granite. An apt description, Arti.


    1. jkb4664,

      Amazing that you can visit Mt. Rushmore anytime you’d like to being so close to it. As for me, the closest point of interest is the Owl Family. 😉


    1. roughwighting,

      Welcome to the pond, where you throw in your two pebbles and make some ripples. The Angry Bird is about 10 ft. away from me. So, maybe she was mad at me for getting too close, or, maybe she was just posing for my photo shoot. 😉


  4. You are spot on about Mt. Rushmore! Their camouflage is fabulous! I love the Angry Bird! Just wonderful. Oh, they all are! Your camera combined with your great eye (and no doubt, great patience!) make for a four-star combination!


    1. Jeanie,

      LOL about Mt. Rushmore. That just flashed in my mind as I looked at these two Owlets like they’ve been carved right out of the tree trunk. Hopefully, more interesting photos to come.


  5. The bare trees are the best time of year for birdwatching, and catching photos without the foliage. I love your Mount Rushmore of owls. How wonderful to see those owls grow up. I hope to see some Cedar Waxwings one day.


    1. Louise,

      Yes, I had the chance last year. They (not these but their older siblings) looked more adorable after they’d fledged. Like two furry balls sitting on a tree branch. 😉


    1. LA,

      LOL, yes. They take after their mom and dad. And, I’m starting to feel that I just might give people a misconception that I’m recycling my photos… since they’re almost quite similar. So, next week, I must think of something totally different.


  6. Heh, Mt Rushmore would be so much more interesting to me if it really had owl heads instead of the heads of dead presidents! The trees are indeed budding, I can them in the photos, soon there will be lots of lovely bright green leaves.


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