When Easter is the Spring


Dead trees draw life
when the days expand and the sun
fulfills its promise, oft delayed
by the clutch of ice.

Clotted, gnarled, knotted twigs
on the trees sense sap and the death
of death. They stretch, begin
to puff green on the end.

We sing new songs
of a Life laid down for rebirth
when Easter is the Spring
and the branch is Christ.

— Mark A. Noll


Every new birth is a miracle. I saw two yesterday:

2 Owlets


And To All, A Happy Easter!


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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

29 thoughts on “When Easter is the Spring”

  1. Oh, my goodness! What an absolute delight! I had no idea what to expect, but this wasn’t it. What a thrill it must have been for you to see them – it’s a thrill for me to see them. They are cute beyond words.

    Happy Easter, Arti! There’s new life all around!


    1. Linda,

      Hope I’ll have the chance to take a family portrait soon, when these owlets fledge. Yes, I’m excited to know exactly where to find them. It’s amazing that they fly away once the babies are old enough and parents would come back to the same area, the same trunk, to nest again in another year. Well, let’s hope they keep coming back.


    1. LA,

      I look forward to when they grow a bit bigger, then they will come out of the nest and I can then have the chance to take a family portrait. BTW, it wasn’t a chance spotting. The Owl Family is well known in this neck of the woods. Birders set up tripods and long lenses and wait for them to come out of the nest. 😉


        1. I meant to say it wasn’t a chance spotting. Let me change that now. There are nature paparazzi gathering at the bottom of that tree, in a distance, and I visit them whenever I have the time.


          1. Of course. And I’m not pressuring you to stalk the Owl Family, but if by chance, you can get that shot: great. If not, I am sure you will post several other great shots of birds and whoever else you encounter in nature, maybe even a lost James Franco. Sooner or later he seems to show up everywhere. Your site is definitely Franco-worthy. Milton and I are seeing him on Broadway next month in Of Mice and Men.


            1. No kidding, he’s everywhere. I look forward to your write-up on Mice and Men. 😉 BTW, is he still in the Master’s program at NYU?


  2. Imagine you finding those two hide-aways! It took some peace and time for you to spot them. I love thinking of them as a happy couple. (I also loved the tree and branch poem, referring to Jesus.)


    1. Bellezza,

      I shouldn’t take any credit for spotting them. The Owl family is well-known in that area of the woods. For three years now, they come back to the same tree trunk to nest. Birders even set up tripods and extra long lenses to wait for these two little babies to peek out. I’ve posted the photos of Papa and the Mama previously. If you’re interested, here’s the post.

      I’m glad you share my enjoyment of the poem. I always admire people who can use both sides of the brain equally well — to do intellectual work, and, to create art and poetry. FYI, Mark Noll used to be professor of history at Wheaton, specializing in the history of Christianity in the U.S. He’s now teaching at Nortre Dame, You might be interested to know he’s also a Wheaton alumnus. 😉

      Also, I found this poem in the Luci Shaw edited poetry volume A Widening Light. Here’s my post on the book.


  3. Oh my! I just sent you an email and now I see — how absolutely glorious! Oh, yes, you are fortunate indeed to know where they are so you can chart them, at least a bit! What fortuitous timing — although, maybe not so. I suspect that you are a regular in those parts and don’t you wonder if when one is, they “know” and know there is nothing to fear and that you respect them? Perhaps they were there just for you. Probably not the way of the world, but I would like to think it is!

    I hope your Easter was divinely happy. The poem is perfect — for both Easter and for your new baby friends!


    1. Jeanie,

      Yes, I know exactly where to find them. There are other birders hanging around there waiting too, almost at all hours. Look forward to seeing your Easter posts. 😉


  4. I hope you had a great Easter. Amazingly, the weather over the Easter weekend here in Scotland was beautiful. Love the photo of the owls.


    1. Chris,

      We’ve had a wonderful Easter weekend weather wise, but now, they’re forecasting snow again. Can yo believe it, in late April. But this is just moisture, of course, and the temp. stay around 0C. After a long winter, we can handle this bit.


    1. nikkipolani,

      Yes, last year I got the chance to take a lot of family photos with the two owlets (then, don’t know where they’ve flown to now) after they fledged. They came out of the nest and two fluffy puffs sat high on the tree branch. Hope I’ll have the same moments again this year.


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