Saturday Snapshot August 22: Summer Still

It snowed yesterday. I waited, but it didn’t change, unlike what they say about our weather that if you don’t like it, just wait 5 mins.

But it was only August 21st, summer still. However, I get the message that nature sends so clearly… nothing gold can stay.

Before it fully disappears, here are some photos showing our summer lingering still.

Wooden Fence


At the pond, the Great Blue Heron and Yellowlegs bask in the summer sun.

Great Blue Heron


Glad to see the songbirds are still here. They know best when to fly south. Apparently not yet. Saw this Least Flycatcher a couple of days ago. Mutually curious:

Least Flycatcher

And this young Yellow Warbler… Hang around a bit longer, li’l guy, a much warmer week ahead is in the forecast.

Young Warbler

But of course, I can’t help but see the ripening berries and the seeded dandelions:

Ripening berries




Just a while longer… it’s summer still.


(P.S. It’s gorgeous today. Going out to see my avian friends. More next week.)






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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

31 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot August 22: Summer Still”

  1. Arti, you are a kindred spirit, and i wish i knew you (for real other than your blog) — you have a love of nature and movies exactly like me.


    1. Heather,

      After eight years blogging I’ve found virtual reality to be as real as actual reality. That’s why I take every comment to heart and appreciate so much of yours. 😉

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  2. Lovely shots all, Arti. That was such a great expression on the Least Flycatcher’s (oy, what a name!) face. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that you had snow in August. I wish I could have sent you some of the heat and humidity from the tropics over here. NYC was smacked with a lot of sweat soaked masses this past week.


    1. LA,

      I’ve seen snow in July before. And we’ve had some crazy hail storms this summer, being caught in one while driving downtown myself. Glad I came out of that one undented, both driver and car. Yesterday’s snow was just incidental, temporal. As the good line from your (Vermont) poet laureate Mr. Frost had written, “nothing snow can stay.” Oops, gold, I mean. So I waited for half a day, voila, this morning was brilliant. I know, that won’t stay long either but I did enjoy the warm weather and bright sunshine. I’m sure the birds did too. I crashed their big outdoor party. More photos next week.

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  3. Just gorgeous as usual. Spent quite a few summer weeks in northern Saskatchewan in another life. Do those high bush cranberries still smell to high heaven? Even as I was recruited into picking them, it was always difficult to believe they could be made into an edible jelly.


    1. Teddee Grace,

      I only have minimal berry knowledge, are those cranberries? And I’ve never encountered any that had triggered my olfactory memory. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve had Canadian experience. Maybe time to revisit? Not necessarily N. Sask., but many other more attractive places. 😉


    1. Michelle,

      Yesterday was exceptional. The snow didn’t accumulate, they melted as they fell to the ground. But I know the highways south of our city were snow-covered and very slippery. Anyway, today is a complete turnaround. Very warm, bright and sunny. I think we’ll have a few more weeks of brilliant weather. The long term prediction is a dry and warm winter too. 😉


  4. Beautiful! Love the Least Flycatcher photo. We’ll have summer weather for a long time yet, here, although I’m starting to see some of our fall flowers.


    1. Joy,

      These few days I’m feeling the cooler air. But we have big blue sky and quite warm today. Yes, we too will have a few more weeks of summer. Our fall is beautiful also.


  5. I enjoyed your Canadian bird photos as always Arti. Snow yesterday though, oh my goodness I feel your pain. I lived in Canada for a few years (Edmonton and Vancouver) and remember my distress after a long winter in Edmonton when it snowed on June 22- we were in Banff, but still it was moments into official summer and there was at least a foot of snow…


    1. Louise,

      I’ve seen snow in July here, and we’ve been having a lot of hails this summer. But unlike Edmonton, which is 3 hrs. drive north of our city, we in Calgary have the Chinook winds that can change the temp. by 10-15 degrees in a day. So glad to hear you’ve lived in these places. I spent a couple of years in Edmonton during my university days. And Vancouver is a frequent destination of visit for us in the foothills.


  6. There’s that little flycatcher who graced Twitter. Does he twitter, too? They’re all lovely shots, although I think th abstract just after the one with the fence is particularly interesting. Is that lichen on a tree trunk? (Oh, dear — if it is, dare I say I be lichen it?)

    Snow? Well, it is coming to September. But I hope you have many, many more lovely days to enjoy before the season really does begin to turn. We’re ready for a turn, here. I’m sol so tired of summer — not the heat so much, but the humidity. I need to be more positive and soak it up as a defense against January!


    1. Linda,

      You’re right. That’s the birdie in my Tweet. So cute. And yes, I think those are what you called lichen on a tree trunk. I like that photo too as it reminds me of Monet’s paintings. And I’m sure we’re going to enjoy a few more weeks of warmer weather before we actually step into fall. Mind you, our fall is beautiful too, albeit without the red foliage so prominent in the east coast.


    1. Brona,

      No, that snow yesterday (before that we’d been having rain all day) only lasted about an hour and it melted as it reached the ground. Fortunately it was heralding in the fall season. Today is warm and beautiful. More photos to share next Sat. Snapshot.


  7. Snow so soon! It must be just an accident of nature (I hope) although I read that the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a much colder winter than usual … Your little birds are so pretty and your pictures are so clear that we can see them in sharp detail. Beautiful photographs Arti.


    1. VB,

      Snow can happen in July here, and hails any time during the summer. It was raining most of the day yesterday until it turned into wet snow in the afternoon. Dry and crisp again today and very sunny. I went out and took many pics. of the little birds. Autumn is a few weeks away. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.


  8. No, no! Say it isn’t so! Bad enough for summer to be nearing an end but to skip to snow without going through the seasonal change (even if it’s a short snow) — well, that’s like passing “Go” and not collecting $200. It cannot be!

    I’m sure glad you’ve been catching some wonderful birds — it looks like a bit of heaven. I especially love the photo of the Least Flycatcher. That’s a real gem! Went to the ditch for the first time in a bit today — a lovely walk but no wildlife except for the ducks. You fared far better on your walk!


    1. That’s still better than Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. I take one blessing at a time. And that Flycatcher inspires me now to not just take photos of birds but find the right expression. The eyes are the most important, and it’s all serendipitous.


  9. My jaw did gape when I saw your comment about the snow. In August. Roomie asked, WHERE does she live again?? We had a week of low-mid-80s, but heading back to triple digits soon. Fall feels like months away. Glad you are taking in all the avian viewing you can while the weather holds up (snow notwithstanding). Those warblers always delight me.


  10. I’m a Northern girl that wilts in the heat but snow in August is just too soon 😆.
    Where I did my summer school in Italy was a winter snow resort, it was so hot it surprised me how quickly the season must change there!
    Loved your photos


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