Saturday Snapshot August 22: Summer Still

It snowed yesterday. I waited, but it didn’t change, unlike what they say about our weather that if you don’t like it, just wait 5 mins.

But it was only August 21st, summer still. However, I get the message that nature sends so clearly… nothing gold can stay.

Before it fully disappears, here are some photos showing our summer lingering still.

Wooden Fence


At the pond, the Great Blue Heron and Yellowlegs bask in the summer sun.

Great Blue Heron


Glad to see the songbirds are still here. They know best when to fly south. Apparently not yet. Saw this Least Flycatcher a couple of days ago. Mutually curious:

Least Flycatcher

And this young Yellow Warbler… Hang around a bit longer, li’l guy, a much warmer week ahead is in the forecast.

Young Warbler

But of course, I can’t help but see the ripening berries and the seeded dandelions:

Ripening berries




Just a while longer… it’s summer still.


(P.S. It’s gorgeous today. Going out to see my avian friends. More next week.)






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Saturday Snapshot Oct. 26: The Woods in the Fall

We don’t have the colorful foliage which many of you are privileged to behold, but Beauty dwells within our woods too:

The Woods

Especially in the evening sun:

Trees in the duskTrees reaching for the evening skyTrees in the setting sunThe woods are lovely, dark and deep:

Dark and deepBut for these inhabitants, it’s time to eat:


WoodpeckerDinner timeAnd for some others, miles to go before they sleep:

Canada Geeseand miles to go before they sleep:

Miles to go*

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All photos in this post taken by Arti of Ripple Effects, Fall 2013.
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This is My Spring…

… and I’m fine with it.

I’ve seen lush green meadows, full bloom flowers, and fresh plump berries from many of your spring posts. I must share with you what I’m getting…

It’s a long process before green appears, but we’re used to that. Spring for us is a gestation of life, a long process. There can be false starts too, teasing us with more snow. It tests our patience.

First we wait for all the snow to melt:

The melting Bow River
Another view, another colour

A closer look only fascinates me more, the sight and sound of spring… a rythmic ploink… ploink.

Dripping ice water
Icy frame of a kaleidoscope

The slowness of spring allows me to cherish a while longer the sights of a season past:

Snow bank along the Bow
Remnants of a colourful fall

Meanwhile… the buds silently appear. No greens yet, but still a sure sign of spring. Brown tips burgeoning out everywhere, keen and strong:

Sure sign of spring

Before the greens, many colours have to parade by, nature’s processional. As a spectator, I can only applaud.

Spring will burst forth in all its glory…  in its time.