Saturday Snapshot Oct. 15: Five Days in London

About this time last year I’d just finished a Thelma-and-Louise kind of road trip (exclude the ending, of course) to New England with my cousin to see fall foliage. The series of travel posts begins here.  This year, it’s London, England.

Here are the highlights of our short, five-day escape to London on the week of Oct. 3-7. Detailed blog posts to come.

MondayThe Go-Between at the historic Apollo Theatre (since 1901) on Shaftesbury Avenue. Leading star is Michael Crawford, the original Phantom.


Apollo Theatre.jpg


Tuesday — Tate Modern, Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit. No photos allowed for that exhibit, but I was free to take artworks from other areas in brilliant Tate Modern. Here’s one I love the best. View from its 10th floor observation level:



Wednesday — Day trip to Cambridge:


Thursday — The British Library, King’s Cross and the St. Pancras Stations. Why a train and tube station could be the highlights of the day? Wait and see. Here’s St. Pancras Station:

St. Pancras Station.jpg

Friday — Which zebra crossing (those in N. America, no zebra, just pedestrian) is a point of interest for world visitors?

Abbey Road Studios.jpg

And which movie puts a community and street market on the to-see list of visiting cinephiles and antique hunters?

Portobello Rd (1).jpg


Detailed London posts coming up.


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24 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot Oct. 15: Five Days in London”

  1. So dying to go back to Britain! The zebra stripes I got. The movie — Notting Hill? I’d love that — one of my all time favorites! Don’t know HOW many times I’ve seen that. And there was that wonderful change-of-seasons market scene. Did you know that Richard Curtis actually owns/used to own the house that was Hugh Grant’s in the movie? Winterbourne Street, maybe? Long time back that I knew that one. So that is my guess! Can’t wait for more posts!


    1. Jeanie,

      Yes, and I’m excited even just sorting out pics from those few days. That Friday was an exploration of places I’ve heard of but had never been in London. So gratified we were to be able to experience the community and the famous market, and sure, that famous zebra crossing as well. 😉


  2. Arti,

    Beautiful photos! Looks like you did a lot in 5 short days, and you had great weather too! BTW I re-read your “Thelma and Louise kind of road trip” from last year. Can’t wait to read the details of this trip.



  3. I can well imagine how short five days seemed. I’ve been on the road for nine, and haven’t gotten out of Arkansas yet! From your photos, I’m sure there will be wonderful posts to come — and I have quite a tale for you. I shared breakfast one morning with a woman who lives in the town where “August: Osage County” was filmed, and she had stories! But that’s for later. Just now, I”m going to scroll back up and enjoy your photos again.


    1. Linda,

      I’m sure you’d have passed through many movie locations in your travels with “Princess” (if my memory serves me fine, that’s your auto’s name?) 🙂


    1. Charlotte,

      The Notting Hill area is a must-see I think. The Portobello Market in particular. You’ll so fortunate to be living right there in London. Enjoy your few years of studies there and I’m sure you have already. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Arti! I’d been seeing your post titles, but wanted to save them until I had a bit more time to settle in and visit London with you. Alas, that “vacation” kept getting put off.

    Wow, what a gorgeous day you had at the Tate. Your Georgia O’Keeffe post had me looking up more about her art. There’s a historical fiction (“Georgia”) that has been floating around my library’s “featured” page and I wondered if it was worth the read.


    1. nikkipolani,

      I haven’t read “Georgia” so don’t know if it’s worth the time. But going to an exhibition sure is. And I’m sure you in CA must have come across some GO works? The next time you have a chance, do go see them. These five days sure had been a myriad of experiences for me. 😉


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